Morning glory  

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11/7/2005 11:11 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Morning glory

I decided to work from home for the day and was quite bored with myself, I went on to the site to see what was happening, and decided to phone Lisa the encounter on my car was awesome and I wanted to see here again.

I invited here over and within half an hour or so she was there, wow she looked so good in tight jeans and a tight tank top man I wanted to rip off here clothe off in the driveway when she walked up.

She came inside and we kissed hallo passionately for quite some time, I wanted here so badly, but we decided to have coffee and talk sitting in the bay window, which was fine.

We talked about our first night and I started to get extremely horny and it was showing, I grabbed here and lifted here onto my lap, I felt like I was back at school in my folk’s house with a girlfriend.

I took off here top, wow she has perfect tits a shaped waist I kissed here stomach and undid here jeans I licked here for long and she came she tasted so beautiful she pushed me down on my back and was on top wow did she know what she wanted.

As I went in she was so worm I was in another world I looked at here and she was smiling that knowing smile when a woman knows she is in control and when she knows you are on the verge of cumming.

The next moment she was off of me and I was in here mouth wow here mouth is a piece of work so delicate yet so well I am getting to the place where I need to call here again as I am wanting here just by reliving our time together.

Well just before I came she stopped and was on top of me again this time she was going hard as though she wanted to become one with me I came shit it was like I have never cum before it was so intense I started to shake like a leaf.

We sat there like that for some time just looking at each other and not getting off of me she picked up here cup of coffee and had a sip and said nice morning.

She finished here coffee and we stared again this time we actually made love how do I explain it, it wasn’t just a fuck we made love and it was well out of this world.

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