im lashing out  

cowboyhottie20 32M
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7/11/2006 8:07 am
im lashing out

.... pretty much
like how fucking wierd you guys are...
im called childish, sluty and horny...FUCK YEAH you better believe it... but what i am not, is some fuckin washed up double penetrated prom queen suckin that cock just cause it might be her last... its like most of you never got out of highschool going into people posts and bein like...40-60 years old calling people dumb shits, and dogging on them cause you dont like their psots.. i mean by the way you post, it sounds like..... this is your life.. its a fuckin soap opera online... and i especially love you heavy set ones that got their picture on here making you look all seductive... i dont think a horse would want to fuck you... when was the last time you were with someone that had rippiling abs or who didnt have an OBESECITY FETISH... wtf ride it out its all you will ever have....
im athletic and i want someone athletic...
am i lashing out.... you betcha.... im sick of all the fat male and females fuckin contacting... LOOK AT THE FUCKIN COMPATIBILTY CHART X MEANS FUCKIN NO!

and i extremely love you people that... take your precious precious time to read other peoples profile... just dig up what ever they can to dog them... if you are wasting your time like that on something someone said or did.... how much of a waste of space... are you?

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