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4/28/2006 3:19 pm
New Story I wrote

Eric had his routine doctors appointment, with Dr. Alexandera, as he called her. She was hot tall, blonde, busty, long legs, blue eyes, the classic american woman as they say. He always had a time trying not to act like he was as horny as he was, always had a hard on, but damn cant help it with a woman like that. Eric checked in and sat down, prepared to wait a while, when the nurse came out and called his name. He looked up and damn went hard as hell with in an instant. She was new, he had never seen her before but damn! She was short, small tits, brown hair, Long legs to be so short and very shapely. When he got close he saw that her eyes were green, and lips were full. Man he was really gonna have trouble now. “Hi sir my name is Sarah, I am new here, so please be patient with me ok."

"Sure" Eric said as he followed her to the back room. He sat down in the chair that was provided and she took all his vital signs and asked questions about different things. He watched her as she bent over and moved around the room, then he saw her looking at him, there was no way he could hide his hard on, knowing he should be embarrassed but not. She looked him up and down and then walked to him. "Eric, may I call you that, It seems you have a problem that needs to be taken care of, it can be very hazardous to your health if it isn’t taken care of. May I help you with that."

"Hell yeah you can," He pulled her on to his lap kissing her and moving his hands over her, he unzipped the front of her top and noticed she had no bra on, her nipples were dark, and pointed to him, waiting for his lips. He took the nipple in his mouth and sucked on it, pulling and tugging it. He could feel Sarah’s hands moving to his waist, undoing his belt and pants she slid her hand in and pulled out his cock, he moaned damn her hands were warm and soft. He slipped his hands up under her skirt and went straight for her pussy. A pussy that was went and soft, waiting for his fingers, he began to finger her soft and slow then hard and fast, she threw back her head moaning. He stood up with her in his arms and laid her back on the exam table, went down and began to lick her cunt, she was so wet, so sweet, tasted sooo good. She was moaning and wiggling all around; soon she was moaning that she was Cumming. He stepped back and she turned him to the table and went to her knees taking him all the way in her mouth. Deep throating him “damn that feels good” he groaned, she tickled his balls with her fingers, He was about to pull her up and fuck the hell out of her when the door opened.
“Sarah! What are you doing?” Dr. Alexandra said.
“Alex, he was so hard and he is so sexy I couldn’t help myself, Should have believed you when you said that he was sexy as hell. You should taste him ohh and the way he eats pussy it is just unbelievable, Come on you know you want to.” Sarah said, as she turned back to Eric, who was speechless, they have apparently discussed him before. Next thing he knew the Doc was locking the door and was bending down beside Sarah. She reached out and took his cock in her hands and looked up at him “I have wanted to do this so bad for so long...” She bent over and took him in her mouth, Sarah mean while was bending behind Alex and was lifting her skirt. Alex moaned and moved more toward her. Sarah moved behind Alex and reached around unbuttoning Alex’s shirt and freeing her breast, Alex and Sarah have apparently done this with each other before. Alex was enjoying giving head and having a woman behind her touching her. Then when her tits were free Sarah bent down and lay under Alex, and began to eat her pussy, the sucking on his cock got harder and harder faster and faster, “Damn I can’t take much more of this.” He groaned,” I want to fuck one of you now!” Alex let go of his cock and pulled Sarah up, placing her on the exam table, opening her legs so that she could feast on Sarah’s pussy. She looked over her shoulder and looked at Eric, “Fuck me hard… while I eat her pussy.” Then she began to eat out Sarah. All three were soon moaning and sweating hard, after a bit the women switched places and he was fucking Sarah while she ate Alex out. “I am gonna cum soon”. Sarah pulled away from him and Alex and she both went to their knees telling him to cum in their mouths, both sucking and licking and kissing each other, with a jerk and a groan Eric came in their mouths and on their faces.
“This trip was worth it, Damn I do feel better, Thank you ladies.” Eric bent down to kiss his wife and her girlfriend Sarah. “Your welcome.”

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