Looking for Scenarios to play out for Camera or videos  

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2/28/2005 4:39 am

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1/28/2015 4:56 am

Looking for Scenarios to play out for Camera or videos

Tell me what outfits, poses and attitudes can be hotly portrayed and would stimulate alot of masturbation and build up of large amounts of cum if you could have me pose in person. I love ot arouse women or men or groups.(Especially good for people from NY/L.
I also need to be teased by either women or men as well. Tell me how you would want to tease me.

WestBurbGuy2 64M

2/28/2005 6:48 am

What you show here works well for me right now! Give me a few mins and I'll post more.

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2/28/2005 12:45 pm

wow she can make you beat it off great

rm_reddog69772 50M
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2/28/2005 12:46 pm

High heels and stockings make my 10 in cock rock hard.Im in maryland but would love to meet you guys.Maybe half way alantic city????


3/1/2005 5:06 am

You are a beautiful, sexy woman and I love the poses you have posted. I especially like the ones Ass Teasing. I would love to see you get that ass fucked.

xarco2 46M

3/1/2005 10:21 am

uummmmmm i love you baby

deaconkane2 43M

3/1/2005 12:09 pm

I personally would love to see you a little submissive or dominant. I have a cam too and would love to get off with you some time. Your videos where you take hot cum to your face make me shoot my load.

rm_PlaytimeSB 50M/51F

3/1/2005 7:14 pm

We are both loving your gaze in your new profile picture! A picture looking up from your great pussy, over you lovely breasts and into your eyes would be out of this world. If you could have a finger rubbing yourself, we would all be over the top with you!!


3/2/2005 6:04 am

I love to hear men shoot their loads over my pictures. And I want to see more of PlaytimeSB also!!

Hung14U269 47M

3/2/2005 10:16 am

I would love to see you pose for in High heels and stockings. They are major turn ons for me. Role playing as in hot teacher sexy sectary bad little nurse. How i would tease you. i would start by kissing the back of your neck and working my way down slowly just giving you lite little licks.

NiceAndThick101 70M
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3/3/2005 8:17 am

would love to see the lust in your eyes as your red lips descend on your husband's cock.


3/3/2005 4:33 pm

That is a very hot photo you posted. I'd love to see you sucking a huge dildo and playing with it, though that would probably be more intense in video form. How would I tease you? I like to do that by blowing lightly all across your body especially the tender areas. Works very well

rm_footlong93 62M

3/4/2005 2:52 pm

I love You in Hose and garter with Your panties pulled to the side and a Hot cock in You.Thanks Footlong93

oralingus 65M

3/5/2005 8:21 am

1st rate couple with the hottest profile and album photos on AdultFriendFinder.It's hard to choose any one scenario,but ass teasing(anul lust)inspires one's cock to become very hard.There's nothing more erotic than a woman bent over and fully exposed.I would lick her clit and pussy to full arousal and slowly lick my way to her tight ass hole,licking and sucking until both are nice and wet.I would rub the head of my cock over her clit,slide my cock into her pussy to cover it with hwe wettness,then slowly slide my cock into her tight ass,long slow strokes to build up my hot cum,then pull out and shoot hot cum on her ass and watch it slowly drip down to her pussy.


3/6/2005 4:53 pm

Yep been following you guys for some time and it's quality all the way! Thanks. I like the idea of a dark room but with spotlight on you so as to make the background dark and yo bleached bright, working with your fingerrs inside you going onto a thick dark dildo with deep penetration, and then smear your juice on your nipples ready to be licked off and spat back on your cunt,...that'd get me hard enough to produce a much cum as you could swallow. Of course my other fantasy would be to bump into you in a bar when I'm in NY next week but mabye I'll just have to swell at the thought when I'm in my hotel room.
Sensual photos, dirty girl love it. Keep it up so I can!... x

DicksPics 60M/49F

3/7/2005 12:21 pm

thanks for all the great album and photo posts-plenty of masturbating going on when the new shots appear in the network!
we would like to see more of your luscious, wetted pussy lips and that succulent meaty clit eret as possible.
don't need much more than that get off.
thanks again-keep those photo posts cumming!
much love

me4eetn2 68M

3/13/2005 3:38 am

since i have a fetish for oral - cock & cum worship pix are my favorites - never fails to get me off.


3/16/2005 8:52 am

New request.
I think each of your 'regulars' should write one short line, mine would be...
'lick my thigh amante and put your fingers inside me'
and when you have say 4 or 5 lines you write them in pen on your inner thigh as close to your cunt as possible and take a close-up.
Then take another shot of the same area with sperm running down disolving the letters. Might take a few goes to get it right but someone will have fun writing it and they'll be no shortage of sperm I bet! (I've got nice handwriting but my arms aren't that long)

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3/22/2005 12:55 pm

i'd like to see you peeking from behind living room curtains...in a place like shaker heights, oh...a la mrs. kravitz...if you could throw in a fishwifery "oh abner"...that would really make my mozzaltop go moishe...thanks poochie kafelnikov

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3/26/2005 8:48 pm

How about tied to the bed posts being face fucked by hubby?

(Reiko )
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4/2/2005 4:49 pm

This is a very sexy theme!! Love the idea from ukblowup of writing on your thighs! Reminds me of a bf from college who painted a picture across my chest and breasts (he was a good artist) then insisted in jerking off on me and washing the image away with his cum! Interesting relationship but too weird to last.........

Ciao AsnCmlvr

(Reiko )
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4/13/2005 10:59 am

I agree PlaytimeSB looks cute in her profile pic, especially with her stylish glasses on.

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5/9/2005 8:09 am

Hi: been following you guys a while; excellent imageas and video; the shot of your husband's cock releasing a burst of salty juice just inches from your hungry lips is a classic( as is the video segment); as for myself I would like you to build on that theme, perhaps two or three large cocks surrounding your face and simultaenously releasing on your face and lips would be very interesting. What do you think??

trianythingtwice 38M

5/17/2005 2:36 pm

i would love so see your husbands thick load leaking out of your thoroughly fucked pussy, and down into your sweet little asshole. that would make me cum all over myself.

midsize55 63M

5/17/2005 8:58 pm

any pose you want to do is ok with me but i am into titties sprayed with cum so i too would be able to cum all over your pic

rm_LINYn8tive4u 44M

5/30/2005 11:36 am

You are an icredible woman. And your husband willing to share and participate is also wonderful. I would like us to slowly undress you, gently caressing every inch of exposed skin, except for the sensual spots just everywhere around them. Then I would slowly kiss you everywhere. Moving around eventuall stopping just short of your... then I wuold gently blow on your pussy and lick my way all around it until I finally lick the outer lips.....meanwhile you would be getting massaged by your wonderful husband as he leans over you with his cock in your face.... The possibilities from there are endless!!!! And the pictures we could get with that in mind would be incredibleas well.

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6/14/2005 5:19 am

your pause is very sexy and woderful.

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9/7/2005 10:35 pm

I love all your sexy pics. I'd love to see some soft exotic pics with very feminine lingerie and candlelite. Nude outdoor pics in nature is also very hot and sexy.

rm_h2ocap2 54M

10/22/2005 12:43 pm

I love to tease. Would love to see tou in those black fuck me pumps a black skirt black panties an garters. The blouse woul also nee to be black very low cut and backless. I would then sip wine with you from my mouth to yours. Then after you are relaxex I would tie your hand with silk scarves over your head. I would then proceed to cover your body with candle wax as I lightly lick every part of your body. Then I would take out my specialy formed ice cubes and lightly tease your mouth then your ass ten your sexypussy till you begged me to fuck yiu then I would fuck you with my tongue till you begged for my cock. I would then fuck you in every hole you let me and when you were scresming for my juice I would cum all over those tasty lips of yours then I would untie you and fuck the shit out of you any way you wanted me too.


1/31/2006 4:00 pm

hey we should deff meet i would love you to be the hot older woman and me be the hot younger guy and i can cum in ur pussy write me an email back thanks


6/14/2006 7:32 pm

Your dressed in fuck me open heels, bra, stockings and garter. No undies with just a raincoat on. You get on the subway and its crowded. No seats available. You stand right in front of me and give me a playful look. Every so often you sway and your raincoat opens flash me a glimpse . I see you have no panties on and position a knee between your legs and move it to open your legs a little more. I lean forward and slide my hand on the inside of your thigh. As i do that i offer u my seat. when you sit down, your eye to eye with the bulge in my pants. You keep staring every once in awhile we glance each other seductively. We get off together and proceed to acar and fuck the shit out of one another.


6/19/2006 9:07 am

Your sitting on the kitchen counter, playing with yourself with your fingers as well as a banana. You decide to try and use the spray hose on the kitchen sink as a toy as well. You slide over to the sink and position yourself over the sink and proceed to use the nozzle as a toy. Spraying your clit and getting yourself all worked up. You cum once and are ready to cum again, when your husband and i walk in and see what your doing. We tell you don't stop now. You continue to get yourself off with the hose and then i walk over and assist you a little. A few moments later your husband joins us as we lick, suck and fuck every orafice on your body. We go from the counter to the kitchen table,to chairs and eventually on the floor.

rm_jozie662 59M/52F
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7/21/2006 10:49 am

Keep up the good work. Your body is to cum for. We both have gotten off many times looking at you....AWESOME Wood love to see a straight open pussy and tits shot!!

rm_nycsexyboy4u 40M
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7/26/2006 5:01 pm

...what a fantastic profile you've put together...I cant stop coming back to check for more...my heart is pounding & I can barely breathe...I'll spend some time thinking about the questions you've posed...intriguing...arousing...



9/29/2006 3:22 am

everyone likes latex!

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