Exotic stranger with a beautiful name  

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6/29/2006 2:20 pm

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Exotic stranger with a beautiful name

Met up with my new friend de Almasy today (not his real name, of course) and had the most wonderful time. Actually the first guy I hook up with after our return to the motherland. And it was great, it was for sure. Didn愒 know of much I had missed the excitement of meeting strangers (more or less, anyway) just for sex, but there I was again, nervous, trimbling with excitement. Turns me on that anyone can read this, see my picture (which was taken by myself after I got home. Sorry about the bad quality. A is usually the photographer, but not today) and realise what a little slut I am. Very, very satisfied with my new friend, too. You know, it愀 always a gamble to meet new people, but this time it turned out very nice. Some of you may think now that I have a fetish for guys with bulging muscles, but that is not really the case. Sure, he was muscular, but that wasn愒 what turned me on the most about him. It was his mouth, believe it or not. I mean, he was articulate, knew what to say and how to say it, getting dirtier and dirtier as we got along. And, I shouldn愒 forget, his butt was amazing. Don愒 want to give up on that just yet. Anway, if you愉e reading this you愉e perhaps interested in what went down exactly. Well, let me tell you You know, I惴 not shy, at least not when I惴 on the internet. For a while now we扉e been chatting, hitting it off, just finding the right tone, you know. And today, all of a sudden, an opportunity offered itself. A, my beloved husband, had to go abroad AGAIN (and even though it was our holiday!!) Wonder what he愀 thinking now in his hotel room in Berlin. As de Almasy and myself were hitting it off I phoned A and let him easedrop on us. We扉e done that before, and it愀 always a success. This way he hear all the sounds we make and picture us in his mind even though we愉e miles away. Just wish I could see him once, lying there jerking off to sounds of me, his wife, having raw sex with another man. It愀 wicked isn愒 it? Not for anybody, I suppose. But we愉e both immensely turned on by this fantasy; I mean, me meeting other men. Maybe I惴 the luckiest woman in the world. Probably. Bet there aren愒 that many who have such a great husband and still are allowed to find so much pleasure in the company of other men. Why would I say no to such an offer? Besides, just to know (and sometimes to be able to observe) how much A likes me to do is, makes my day alone. Anyway, where as I? Oh... I know A is listening for the sound I make when I惴 being penetrated. Suppose I moan. Dunno... Think I惴 too caught up in the moment to take notice of what I惴 doing, but A always tells me afterwards that he loves that sound in particular; that he can picture the other guy burying his cock inside me. And A, if you read this, this guy愀 dick was great; just the right size, thick, veiny, with a beautiful purple head that was longing for me. It was pretty amazing when he stuck it in me. First he entered me missionary style, allowing us both to watch his pole get greased with my juices. Just love to see that, and, not least, to see the other愀 expression when he sees his cock extracting shiny juices from inside of me. After that I just had to ride him. You know, girls on top. We just love that. can easily make myself orgasm several times that way, and this time was no exception. Love the feeling when my muscles contract and the cock just feels enormous inside me. And then I let him pound me from behind. Just love the feeling of a guy愀 cock ramming my tight pussy from behind. It愀 like guys go a little berserk when they take that position. And I guess I like berserk! Love it! And then to have him blast his load all over my back, sparing the last drops of sperm for my butt cheeks. Mmmmmmmm. Needless to say, I惴 getting excited just writing about this. So, I suppose I扉e been a little slut today. Can愒 blam me for that, can you. Can愒 waith for A to come home and punish me for being such a naughty girl. After all, no one can fuck me the way A does. Love you guys! Christina.

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7/17/2006 4:02 pm

hey there, this is one of my favourite stories. as i'm sitting here i'm all hard and just about to go and jerk off. pity a had to go to work and pay the bilss, or was it? christina just seems awesome, a was right when he said that she loves it and can't get enough, and of course she says she's just greedy...hhehehe

keep up the good work guys. the pictures are fantastic and so are the accompanying 'journal' entries. this is easily becoming a must read.

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