Getting anxious!!!  

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7/22/2006 1:36 pm

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7/24/2006 3:36 pm

Getting anxious!!!

So we are finally finding some interesting people on here. Seems like our sex life is already getting hotter just by exploring this. We talk alot about it. We talk about what worries us (mainly me and my body image, doesnt seem to be many bbw lovers on here), what excites us (he cant wait to see me suck cock while he fucks me. He seems more excited to watch me get fucked then getting fucked by another woman!)

But anyway, tonight or tomorrow we will be working on getting some pictures up on our profile. I have poker tonight, so i'll be home late. Anyone in the area play strip poker???? lol. I worry about running into people who know me or my husband on here, so the picture thing we have to figure out. Maybe some nudes for now. If anyone wants a face pic, request it.

We upgraded to silver the other day, so now im able to look at pictures of other people. Makes it alot easier. Last night while we were fucking, he said he wished we could find someone right now! I was like, whoa!! I need to get to know a person a little while first. He said he'll just get me drunk. Im such a slut when im drunk, i guess he thinks its that easy. Maybe it is. lol.

I still want a woman to fuck him!!! i want to watch, more than participate, but then i guess that takes out the threesome part doesnt it? lol. We talked about things so much while we were fucking that i had a ffm 3some dream last night.

I was with Tyra Banks the model (dont know why she was in my dream???) and some other guy, not my husband. We did coke (I dont do drugs!!) and then i was sucking the guy off and she was rubbing my pussy while i did it. Then i was on my back on a couch with my feet on the floor and she was fingering me while sitting between my legs. I was so out of it from the coke that i felt like i couldnt get enough of anything. Like i would die if i didnt get plugged at that moment. Then i woke up. im sitting here wet thinking about it. My husband will read this tonight and say "Hey you didnt tell me this". lol.

Its strange how i dream about being with women, but when im awake i feel like i dont know if i could go thru with it. Its not something i think about, as much as i want to please my man and make some of his fantasies come true. I just want to be a "porn director" and tell them what to do. The idea of strangers in general turn me on. So maybe in that situation, kissing a woman i dont know would turn me on and let my inhibitions go enough where it would become natural to me. We'll see. HOPEFULLY SOONER THAN LATER!

Now im all horny and could use a hard cock in my mouth talking about all these things. Where is he!! lol

till next time

rh1972 45M  
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7/24/2006 3:04 pm

WOW! You do have a way with words! I hope things work out for you two. If only I was closer!

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