Well it has been another great week!!  

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4/17/2006 9:02 pm

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Well it has been another great week!!

Well it has been another great week. Last week I met this guy named Robert off AdultFriendFinder and he is such a sweetheart. We went to the movies Thursday night and saw Ice Age 2: The Meltdown. I had so much fun, and it seems that we can't stop talking to each other. We at least spend 2 hours on the phone every night talking about how our day went or what we did. I never thought I would find a person that has so much in common with me and that is also local at the same time. My parents are going out of town this weekend and Robert is probably going to come over and hang out and probably spend the night, although we haven't fully talked about it yet. I feel so good inside. For once a guy has wanted to hang out with me.. For me and not what I look like or my bra size. Robert really is a sweet guy and I can only hope that it gets better from here because that's all it can do! Other than that there is nothing really else to say, Briana and Chris are fighting like usual and I am getting so sick and tired of it. I think it would just be best for them to break up, because they get on each others nerves all the time and they are starting to get on mine as well and I can't take it anymore. I never thought that two people could bitch about the most childish things ever, but apparently people can! I guess that just goes to show you that they are not ready to settle down anytime soon. They know how I feel and that I love them and I try talking to them and try to help them but, I think it is something that they are going to have to do for themselves...

Well with that being said.. it's time for me to get..

Until next time bitches!

Love Lindsey

SirMounts 103M

4/23/2006 8:36 am

Well, I'm glad that you are finding more here than you might have at first expected.
Welcome to blogging, countrygirl. *smiling*

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