His touch  

cougarirish 46F
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4/3/2006 4:26 pm
His touch

His lips so soft and warm against her own. His hands rough from years of hard work so gentle upon her breasts. She could feel her heart racing in her chest as his kiss deepened passionately. Her body felt alive as waves of exotic spasms rippled through her as his hands so gently massaged her breasts.

He moved his lips slowly down the side of her cheek and upon her neck. His soft nuzzling sending tingles to her very center. She felt a dampness developing between her legs. Oh this man had a touch, so soft so sensual. She felt his fingers pinch her erect nipples, a soft bite upon her neck. She started losing herself into temptation.

She soon felt a cool breeze upon her breasts as he amazingly smoothly removed her blouse. She felt his lips move lower as he moved his own body down between her legs, slightly nudging her knees apart as he did. His lips reaching her nipples she felt his body press between her legs. She guessed he could feel her dampness as he pressed his bare stomach between her legs a bit more, feeling him slowly move against her swollen pussy lips through her shorts.

As his lips suckled one breast and then the other she lost herself in his amazing magic. Her body now totally atuned to his movements and caresses. She started to press her hips towards him rubbing herself against his body, aching to feel more of him.

Suckling her breast he moved his hand down her stomach and over the waistline of her pants. Running up and down her legs he moved towards her center. His palm resting in the middle, between her legs she felt a slight pressure as he pressed against her so swollen lips. A spasm rippled slowly from deep within her.

She felt his hands move inside her pants and slowly push them down over her hips......

To be continued

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