Awakened Desires....(cont)  

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Awakened Desires....(cont)

He looked longingly in her eyes...he moved up her body so slightly taking her full pouted lips in his mouth. Feeling her tongue entwine with his own, her body wither slightly beneath his own, Cheyenne pressed herself up against him as much as she could, or as much as he would let her. He then parted from her sweet tender lips and moved his way again down her body...stopping only slightly at her erect nipples, kissing each lightly he continued his slow tantilizing journey down the rest of her body. As he moved between her legs he kissed down the inside of her left thigh and then moved over the right one and made his way up between her legs. Her hands were now on his head,her fingers lightly going through his hair. He brought his lips to the V shaved in her soft pubic hair, pointing the way for him to go. He brought her legs over his shoulders and kissed slowly down each side of her swollen pussy lips. He could hear her soft moans as moved closer to her center. His lips went down and then as he was about to make his way back up he brought out his tongue and pressed it firmly between her swollen folds, tasting her sweet nectar as it was seeping out of her center, tasting the sweetness,he thought his cock would explode. He held himself back and made his way up her slit, finding her hard erect clit he caressed it with his tongue. Hearing her moans increase and feeling her hands in his hair start grasping he knew she would cum soon. He continued the caressing, exerting more and more pressure...he knew she was close. He slowly moved his finger to her hole and just as she was starting to cum he insterted 2 of his big fingers into her arching just slightly to touch her g-spot. He felt her body arch up and felt her pussy convulsively clench his fingers as the orgasm ripped through her body. Her juice flowing out of her he moved his fingers in and out of her quicken the pace as he suckled her clit with his lips. Her hands clenched his hair pressing him closer to her. He then inserted yet a third finger as her orgasm subsidded some and began to finger her expertly as he continuted suckling her clit, bringing her to yet another mind shattering orgasm.
Cheyenne's mind was a blank. She felt his 3 big fingers spreading her and moving in and out of her as his lips suckled her clit, she felt her 2nd orgasm rack through her body and as she thought she was about done she had another orgasm. She so needed more of him, wanted more. She reached down and cupped his face to bring him up to her body as her last orgasm subsided. She wrapped her arms around him and held him close as she passionately kissed him, tasting her juices on his lips. Savouring the moment. Her hands moved down his back holding him close to her. She felt his arms reach just under and then felt herself being rolled over on top of him as he moved to his back. Her legs now on either side of him she kissed him deeply and felt the huge bulge in his jeans press against her pussy. She raised up on her knees pressing herself even further against his hard cock. His hands on her hips he gently pushed her back and forth against his cock. The denim of his jeans rubbing against her clit, she started to cum yet again..her head arched slightly as the orgasm moved through her. AS the orgasm subsided she leaned forward and took his lips to her own and then started moving her way down his body. Kissing softly as she moved farther down, stopping slightly at his own nipples and teasing them with her tongue. Moving further down his stomach she felt the wetness she left on his jeans over his cock. Knowing most of it was her own, she could smell his musky scent as well. She reached the top of his jeans and unbuttoned and zipped them. Pulling them down his cock sprung from its confinement, she saw how swollen and hard he was. Her mouth watered and her body ached to have him. Tossing his jeans to the pile of clothes she moved to his cock. Kissing the base of it, her hand cupped his balls...his cock jumped of its own accord as she started trailing her tongue up his hard length. Reaching the head of it, she twirled her tongue around it as if she was savouring an ice cream cone. She heard his breath in gasps as she slowly opened her mouth and suckled the head of his cock...his hands moving to her head slightly urging her to take more of him in. She brought her hand from his balls and caressed his length as she continued the caress of her mouth on the head of his cock....her own body growing more passionate for him.
As he felt her mouth on the head of his cock and her hand caressing his length he thought he would lose his load right there and then. It took everything he had to hold back. He then felt her start to suck him in deeper in her mouth. His hands moving through her hair. Feeling his cock reach the back of her throat he thought she would start moving him in and out of her hot mouth, he was shocked when he felt her throat open and she sucked him in deeper. Her tongue caressing his length as he felt her hand move to his balls and her finger pressing just behind them. He couldnt help himself as he started to cum. His hands slightly holding her head in place as he shot his load deep down her throat. He then felt her slowly move him in and out of her mouth as his last of his seed flowed down her throat. Amazed he was yet still hard and she had drank down his juice. He savoured the feeling of her mouth on his cock, the gentle moving in and out....he then felt her astradle his leg. Her pressing her pussy against him he could tell how aroused she was. He had to have her, he needed to feel her pussy wrap around his cock.
As Cheyenne drank down the last of the juice, she moved his still hard cock in and out of her mouth. Her body so aching to feel him inside her...she neared the head of his cock and suckled it slightly then lifted her head up to him. His eyes looking down at her she felt him pulling him up to him. She moved up his body and felt his lips against her own. Kissing more passionately then before she moved her legs to either side of him, pressing her wet pussy against his hard cock, she could feel him move his hips slightly against her as she moved his. She felt his cock slide between her swollen pussy lips, rubbing against her erect clit. She raised her hips just slightly and felt the head of his cock to the opening of her pussy...feeling him press his thick cock against her opening she spread her legs a bit wider and rocked her hips back and forth, slowly allowing her pussy time to spread to accept his thick helmet.
He felt her reposition herself, realizing how tight she was. He pushed his hips slightly up as the head of his cock disappeared into her. He stayed that way for a short time to allow her body to open up to him. He brough his knees up as he felt her start to lean back. Her hands placed on his knees, her knees bent slightly as her feet were planted on the floor. He looked down and saw that she still hadn't taken him in any further, he reached down with his finger and started rubbing her hard clit. Looking into her eyes she saw that she was close to cumming.
Feeling his finger massage her clit, she slowly started moving a bit further down his cock, taking him a bit more deeper inside her. Then moved him in and out of her as she felt the orgasm building. Just as she was about to reach her peak fully she moved completely down his cock, taking his entire hard length in her making her orgasm hit her hard throughout her entire body. She felt his hand grasp her breasts as she sat there with his cock deep inside her, the walls of her pussy spasming around him. Then without thinking she felt her body rock back and forth moving him just slightly in and out of her. She arched her back just slightly to take him in a bit more deeper.

To Be Continued Yet Again

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