And people wonder why....  

cougarirish 46F
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3/10/2006 11:48 am
And people wonder why....

You know I sit here and ponder all the posts I see about how others are treated on here well and other sites, not just dating sites but just chat sites as well. How people hate being treated like garbage and ignored and so on and so forth. I mean hell I know that feeling been there done that many a times as I have been on the internet. But I have come to deal with it and accepted it with how people are. Meh no problem.

Then you meet people and become friends away from the internet. You go out to dinner, you go out for drives, you go out and just have a cup of coffee together or a soda just chatting and enjoying each others company. Who knows maybe per chance you end up having a friend with benefits relationship. That's all good as ya need one every once in a while. Then all of a sudden your "friend with benefits" starts lying to you, or stands ya up. Hmmm when did the relationship take a turn. I didn't realize you turned your back on friends. I mean a simple sorry about the other night would have been nice and all would probably have been forgiven. But promising your friend that you'd be some place and then not show up, especially after just talkin to them 30 minutes before hand and then not answering your phone for the rest of the night or the next day...hmmm did you have another date? You know if you had told me that I would have totally understood, if you had told me, no i dont want to go as I am shy and don't want to meet others (it was a meet and greet), I would have understood...hell you could have even told me a week later and I would have accepted it and gone on. But to ignore me for almost 3 weeks and then only talk to me when you need something.......well that is where i draw the line Ya don't screw me over and don't appologize and I don't need you as a friend. Enemies treat ya better then that
Yes I am going on about this as I get tired of the games and I have noted on the profile no games. Sad thing is the 2 main people who have done this is one was someone I met away from here and the other is someone who became a friend and I would have done just about anything for them. But hey it's all a part of life and I know that all too well and I don't need anyone to remind me of it.
So pretty much I gues I will be a cold fish and probably not do much contacting with others for a while, mainly as I am extremly busy with work and dont have time for kids games and for 2 well the 2 friends who run ya over like that make a bit leary of being around anyone else because you wonder who is going to do it to you next. I don't have time for such crap. Life is too damn short and even tho those others may have a shitty life they aren't going to bring me down with them I've worked too damn hard to where I am to let someone bring me down
And as this is my blog and I can write what ever the hell I really want on here I am using this as my venting area as of now. I dont need anyone to tell me> Oh that's just life....You have to be careful out there.....Things will get better> or any of that other stuff because I know things will get better because I am better then the people who treated me like garbage and I won't say their nics nor will I degrade them in any way as I am not that type of a person. I just want to live my life to its fullest and enjoy it

So for now I am done venting and I will go about my business as I have many things going on.

Ciao to those sexual ones who are friends who have not treated me like crap and hugs and kisses to you

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