My Early Years  

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5/20/2006 12:27 pm
My Early Years

I joined the Navy in 1961 as a young man 18 years old. my first duty station was WASHINGTON DC the Pentagon i was amazed the building was so huge 6 floors 6 rings it had a shopping mall on the ground level it had restaurants and had a bus depot coming from Albany NY i had never heard of that it had a restaurant in the center with great sandwiches but best of all you can sit on a bench and watch over 3,000 woman go buy in 2 hours. Boy was this the life for a single;e male they were over 4,000 woman working in the building it was a paradise. In DC they odds were even better 10 to 1 this was haven for a single male you had your pick of woman all shapes all sizes. I did not go out to town much when i first got there stay in the barracks doing laundry and just hanging out at the club than one saturday night a meet a few woman started to chat and got to know them better much better later i went back with one of them to her apartment and boy was i taught a lesson in how to make love it was great. than one day i was asked to go to the USO to play some pool and there i met a number of young woman who volunteer there as hostess i started dating on girl who was a member of a local church that had a weekend place for service members there i met a gal who i found out went to a catholic school boy was i in for a shock we made love in her house in the basement it was the first time i had oral sex it was great we did this for two years and than one day her father caught us doing it in her basement. so that was that next i met another girl and all she wanted was sex did not last long . Next was a woman in her thirties ans she taught me how to please a lady that lasted 1 year. than met a handicap lady and she was fine almost married her but had gotten orders to a ship home ported in Japan. Overseas i learned all about pleasing a lady and oral sex and making love all night long anything goes overseas yes i became a true sailor. I learn how to please a woman and how to make love different ways and it has helped me out today so i thank my time in the NAVY.

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