Swinging party for 3!  

rm_coolalex1965 53M
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2/23/2006 5:17 pm

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3/21/2006 7:47 pm

Swinging party for 3!

I love sex! No surprise to hear this on this site is it? And even though i have a girlfriend I have to say that raw sex for sex sake with a man is just what I need. My last girlfriend and I were in a swingers club and as startnge as this may sound they loved bisexual women but thought that a bisexual men were insane. Any man they thought has does type of leanings would immediatly be black balled! Now you would think that a bunch of people that love to fuck as much a they did would not have any hang ups if you got caught up in the moment and decided to suck cock! But hey beleieve me not a good Idea! Here's a true story:

My girl and I had been invited to a few swingers house parties and on one occasion we met a good looking named David. This guy was young and hot and my girlfiend loved doing a mfm with him that night. We took his number and about a week later we had a private little get together. It was awesome, we fucked until we were almost comatose. We started to see each other once a week and fuck, fuck fuck. I really was really getting off on watching her suck him while I banged her from behind and she moaned like she was out of her mind. After a few weeks we were laying naked after one of our fuckfests and Jill told David that i had a bisexual experience in college. He didn't say anything at first but then she slid down and started sucking him and he was starting to get hard again for the 3time! She said can I watch Alex suck your dick? He was quiet but then said "sure" why not. I proceeded to suck him so good that for the first time during and of our sexual encounters he moaned out load. My girlfriend was so turned on that she came just watching my and rubbing her pussy. After that night w it was anything goes.We tried every combination 3 people could do. He loved to fuck Jill and then cum in my mouth. and after weeks of this and without any prompting slid up behind me when I was eating her pussy and fucked my ass. It was the best sex of our lives. We were having a ball. This went on for a few months, then we got invited to another party, this time it was in a hotel. They had rented a huge suite and we all went clubbing and came back to the hotel to fuck. Of course we took david with us and we wanted to share him with all our other fuck buddy couples. Everything was hot and steamy when David walks over to me after having freahly fucked Jill who was busy sucking off our friend Tom, and he slid his dick in my mouth and I started to suck him off. What was a room full of moaning swingers turned into a room of shocked naked people. People started to get up and say they were hungry and 4 couples took off. leaving us with the host couple. They said very bluntly that they had no idea i was gay! and That all of there group dislike that type of behavior. Well i can tell you David was horrified to be called gay and got up and left. We were somewhat shcked to and Jill called them hypocriates and we left. Since then we have not been invited to any parties and when we shave shown up at some of the clubs parties we are shunned to say the least. David rarely comes by and when he does he is not to kean on nthe idea of any guy on guy stuff. Needles to say we have decide to find a new swingers club and start over.

Is it us or is this kind of two faced to be treated like this. Isn't alternative lifestyle mena that you are more tollerant? I guess not.


CantonOhCouple 61M/61F
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2/23/2006 6:57 pm

We'd have to say that you had an obligation to determine the limits and expectations of your hosts and to honor them. It is a bit intolerant, and certainly a bit homophobic, especially if girl on girl activities were tolerated or encouraged during the party.

At least you still have David! Right?

rm_MrRite23 46M
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2/26/2006 7:14 am

i think you should have been able to do anything you wanted. We work hard at our jobs,and in our social lives.If you go to these settings to have sex.Then get as much as you can.Half of those people have probibly experimented with same sex partners at one point by now.
hipocrits i tell ya. Dont worry about it.

rm_coolalex1965 53M
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2/28/2006 9:11 pm

Yeah, I agree that you have to submit and give in to how your hosts have set up the party. But that is my point, if they come over and said "hey no same sex or guy on guy stuff we would have knocked it off. That was not the case however. The 3 of us were made to feel like freaks from a bunch of married people that were getting off on watching their partner fuck some one other thanm them! I mean talk about double standard! Host or no host a little tolerence or warning would have been nice. Most swing groups seem to encourge bi sex among females but not among males. I am just sad that David was made to feel like a freak and now he can't even deal with being with us at all!

lickitgoodtwice 68M
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9/28/2010 3:39 pm

It sounded like you all had a good time.the hell with what other people think. I'd like to get involved in one myself. let me know if you start up your own. i'll be there

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