Bi vs. straight  

cookienjanelle 54M/53F
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6/19/2006 8:19 pm

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1/22/2007 9:26 am

Bi vs. straight

It seems like men are very resistant to put bi in their profile. Why is that? We have had contacts from guys that have straight listed, but say they are bi. Women freely add bi to their listing. This happens even when they are a couple. Why is that? Who is really bi and why don't they advertise that? If straight is listed by the man, we normally pass him by, because we feel he is only contacting us to get a chance with Cookie...Which won't happen guys. lol

rm_StephanDM 46M

7/1/2006 8:18 pm

This is my first time responding to a blog so please bear with me.

It does seem that guys who are of the bi/bi-curious persuasion seem to hide it because from the sexual stand-point because they want to put another notch on the bedpost and claim how many women they have bagged like a trophy hunter on an African Safari. It is the sexual qualities men see in a woman that makes us want it more from the girl. I mean how many times you hear a male friend say "HEY!!! I just had me a hot bi encounter last night" with there male friends at work.

Personally,...for me....I think it is bit of a safety-net to put down "Prefer not to say" because if the person is interested even in the slightest.....there is the option of contacting them, expressing the interest, and go from there. That way, a line of communication is established and people are able to touch base.

And being honest....I have had a few bi encounters (3some and 4some) and have no objections to doing it with a guy at all. Sex is about having fun whether it is recreational or procreational.

'Nuff Said

rm_girardguy 53M
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9/12/2006 9:42 am

Most i feel do so not lable them selfs. It let them change there mind at will to fit whom ever they are chatting with. Be honest with your self who cares what others may or may not think.

rm_DagorPoker 36M
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9/15/2006 10:50 pm

Personally, to the people in my life I'm straight as they come, but to those I'm willing to play with, I'm up for anything. I'm not going to bring a guy home to meet my parents, but I like being with men. I might want a relationship with a woman, but I like sex with men too. I really don't like to limit my options I like sex, most kinds of sex. If it's fun I'm willing to try it at least once. So I don't understand people who aren't willing to show their true preferences on here. I mean, anonymity should make people more adventurous, right?

hubbyontheloose 62M  
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1/1/2007 2:47 am

hi guys - kniw it is a while since you wrote thgis blog but only just saw yr profile on the bicouples for bimales group. Raised exactlky this point myself in the group recently and there has been a HUGE amount of discussion. You have put your finger exactly on the m,ain issue - straight guys will say or do anything simply to get laid. If they think that by SAYING they are bi to you janelle that they can get into your bed and then just have cookie and ignore you that is what they will do. Have seen it all too often sadly. If somebody is not honest enough with either themselves or with others in here to put either bisexual or bicurious on their profile they are playing games. Will be writing a bit on profles for bimales in next little while would welcome the input from you two please on that when it appears. Good luck you two

rm_rosesjac 71M
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2/10/2007 9:00 am

We think you have a very good point. "Main Squeeze" and I were going to have a MFM 3some with this other guy and he wanted a 1-on-1 with her before the "event" so he would feel comfortable when it happened.

Well to make things short, she got screwed and I got screwed also! (had no fun - he never showed up)

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