Obsessed young 'un or stalker???  

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7/7/2006 12:11 am

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Obsessed young 'un or stalker???

A couple of months ago I befriended a 20 something guy because we had something in common. He is from Ecuador and I lived in Ecuador for a while. I had even visited his home town (which is little more than a village!). We shared stories and eventually I shared some pictures of my time in Ecuador with him. I enjoyed telling him about my visits to the Eljuri household. (In Ecuador...it's like hanging out at Bill Gates' house!)

I didn't talk to him for a couple of weeks and then it started. Txt messages, phone calls, yahoo IMs...All day long. Txt message: "I want to fuk you." Phone call but no message left. yahoo IM waiting for me when I got home from work: "Can I come over tonight?" At first, I tried to reason with him. "I'm really busy, but I'm flattered." He backed off for about a week.

I finally started ignoring everything from him. And on Tuesday this week he sent an IM saying that he guessed he would never talk to me again because I wasn't responding to his IM's. Stupid me...I gave in and tried to explain to him that he was driving me crazy! The txt messages alone were enough to make you want to wring his neck! I gave him the "don't call me, I'll call you" routine and he seemed to understand. Wednesday morning when I got up to go to work....there was a message waiting for me on my cell phone. SON OF A BITCH!!!

He started again today with the txt messages and IM's as if nothing had happened. In fact, he IM'd me to tell me that he was just a block away from my apartment. He even kept at it after I said, "NO...NO...NO".

I really think he is harmless, but then again, I was creeped out enough to go check the lock on my door. When does someone cross the line from being harmless to being a "stalker"?

EDIT: He is STILL sending me IM's. If it's a green card he wants, he is not winning me over!! LMAO!!

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