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3/1/2006 10:44 am

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I had to take a day off from work today just so that the apartment peeps could do "routine maintenance" in my apartment. They only gave me like 3 days notice and that was not enough time for me to make "arrangements for my pet" as they specified in the memo. My boss was very pissed off and I was sorta hurt by that. She is single and has a dog, as well. Not only that, but she has recently taken off several personal days to meet misc "workers" at her house. Why is it OK for her and not for me???

She suggested that I just ignore the memo for the apartment--"Elvis will be OK," she said. Well, I was more concerned that he would dart out the door. And believe me...he is difficult to catch once he gets moving! Anyways, sure enough; as soon as the maintenance guys propped the door open, Elvis took off running. I was right behind him until he rounded a corner and disappeared. Great!!! Turns out that some new people were moving in and had their apartment door open. He just went to visit! But had I not been here, the new people would have found a random dog in their apartment. And the maintenance guys sure wouldn't have chased after him!

Aren't situations like this what "personal" days off from work designed for? Good thing I didn't ask off to go to my aunt's funeral. Geeeezzzz!

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