Do NOT try this at home!!!!  

cookie7823 47F
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8/21/2006 11:22 pm
Do NOT try this at home!!!!

I follow a message board online everyday at work...I can't sign in and post, but I can look at it a couple of times during the day and read the new posts. Last week, a new thread showed up that was, in my opinion, a train wreck waiting to happen. I assumed to see the worst, but yet, I could not avert my eyes.

A 16 year old kid with muscular dystrophy had posted, "Ask a cripple anything". And the jackals who post regularly had already started in on him. I was absolutely horrifed. I am paraphrasing, but here is a sample:

"Are you retarded, too?" "Do you hate your mother for smoking crack when she was pregnant?" "Do people make fun of you to your face?" "Have you ever run over dog poop in your wheel chair and tracked it in the house?" "Do you wish you had never been born?" "How do you rub one out?"

I was so incredibly disappointed in the message board owner for letting this thread get posted. But....then my horror turned to intrigue. The kiddo started firing back answers....short (because he uses an online keyboard--point and click), but smart, to the point and sarcastic! Last I saw, his thread had over 120,000 views; and board owner has made him out to be a hero. He, along with other moderators from the board are planning to visit him--the "self proclaimed cripple" soon.

I have a new found respect.....

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