Confirmation of my sucky life......  

cookie7823 47F
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8/29/2006 10:54 pm

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9/12/2006 10:25 pm

Confirmation of my sucky life......

I'm not really that hungry, but I have been craving a nasty greasy pizza for several days. (It's a "time of the month" thing, for all of you retarded people with penises.) I finally gave in and not being picky about "nasty and greasy", I called up the local Domino's Pizza.

The guy who answered the phone said, "Wow, we are live in #923 and I live in #921". What.the.FUCK? I moved into this place because it was basically the only thing I could afford with a dog. I realize that I have a mediocre job based on my education and experience. (Two master's degrees and 10 years with the same company...but who is counting.) Apparently, though....someone who works at Domino's Pizza can also afford to live here!

My life officially SUCKS.

EDIT: Holy crap...I should be dieting and not eating pizza...but hell, it's fucking free now! Wait...does that mean my neighbor is stalking me?? LOL

SexyRycheBabe 46F
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8/29/2006 11:37 pm

Maybe Dominos is the second job he needs in order to afford the place. Was he hot enough to bang, at least?!

cookie7823 replies on 8/29/2006 11:58 pm:
Haha!! He sounded cute on the phone...I'm gonna have to keep a look out for him now that I know where he lives. I was kinda hoping that perhaps he is a student and his parents are helping him out.

Sinderlicious 52F
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9/2/2006 8:55 am

LMFAO Cookie you're nuts. You're anything but mediocre OR sucky! Maybe he OWNS that location ya git!! Now...*grinning* Go get him!

Sin like you mean it!

drnick20054 29M

9/2/2006 7:04 pm

that sux well i just came to tell u i posted the story u wanted on my blog so u better check it out

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