Calgon....take me away!!!  

cookie7823 47F
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7/29/2006 7:55 pm

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8/23/2006 7:31 pm

Calgon....take me away!!!

Earlier this evening I found myself wandering up and down the aisles at Long's Drug Store trying to remember what "else" I had gone there for. Deoderant? Nope--brand new. Toilet paper? Nope--stocked up.

Then, I saw it. CALGON! I actually stood there for a moment and looked at it. Does it really work like its famous slogan says it does? Can it really "take me away"? And if it could...where would it take me?

I want to go to a tropical beach with a hot cabana boy waiting on me hand and foot. Can Calgon do that for me? I guess I will not find out. Being the skeptic that I am, I didn't buy any...I had the feeling that I would ultimately be disappointed.

drnick20054 29M

7/30/2006 12:12 pm

i have no idea what your talking about but good luck

cookie7823 replies on 7/30/2006 12:30 pm:
That's cuz you're a young 'un! Haha!

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