So I got a nice ASS. lol...  

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6/9/2006 6:15 pm

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So I got a nice ASS. lol...

I wouldn't typically think I have a nice ass compared some others I know. However, it was pretty funny at work the other day when I was talkin to one of our subcontractors. I hear this, "Damn that's a nice ass!" behind me and it turns out it's one of the guys I know from our project. Some pretty funny shit! Well, with working on a construction site, it's pretty hard to live down jokes like that. So far, I've been picked out to be a stripper for my bosses birthday party (I'm not a stripper though I do like stripping and dancing. ), I've been propositioned for someone to watch me have sex so they can see the difference between not having a prince albert and having a prince albert (I don't know what else they had in mind, but NO!!!), etc., etc., etc.... The whole time I'm thinking to myself - 'if they only knew the half of it..' I get a good chuckle inside and I keep going about my day, smilin around kinda erotically.

You got any fun stuff to say???

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