CJ's Camping Adventure (Cont'd from Omaha Meet & Greet)  

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6/10/2006 8:46 pm

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CJ's Camping Adventure (Cont'd from Omaha Meet & Greet)

After meeting up with a good buddy of mine in the afternoon, I came up and packed up what I could to head down to the Omaha Meet & Greet's first ever camping trip. I would definitely have to say that it was quite... ummm.. interesting. in a good way...

I had a little trouble find the campsite at first, and it was a little stormy out... but all was cool. I pulled my guitar and hit a few strums before digging my lips into a nice juicy piece of chocolaty fruit.. no.... i'm not that dirty.. it was actually a chocolate dipped strawberry with some nice creamy... whipped cream on top.

A pretty sweet and kinky school lady came over and asked me for the pleasure of seeing me dress up in a maid's outfit she supposedly had with her... but... after a little bargaining, she let me settle with playing with something a little less kinky... soft... and feathery.... I felt like the bad student I really was all over again. lol

Two in the morning came around pretty quickly and I was pretty tired, so I made for the tent which I shared with another well mannered (uh huh) woman who said she would kick me if I snored too loudly...Then again, she's threatened me quite often with raspberry vodka and hitting me with a hard pole across the head... luckily for her, I was the one that really held up the 'tent' last night. It was pretty stormy out for a bit... I love storms.. They make me sooooooooooooooooo...

Morning rolled around and I felt like washing my face and cruising into my old stomping grounds of Lincoln, NE for a bit. I took another sweet lady in with me for the ride. I had her so relaxed in no time flat, she was like melted butter sitting shotgun to me... windows down, sunroof back, soft music playing... sweet words whispered... Oh yeah!!!! (you know I luv ya sammi! you're awesome!)

Got back to the campsite, had some kick butt coffee (thanks Morlin!) which got me going on a spree of joking around. (I didn't have the flashlight with me that I was playing with the night before, so I couldn't tease very well.)

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