Hair free fetish  

concours1 57M
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3/29/2005 8:28 pm

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Hair free fetish

Don't know why but I love smoothly shaved, hair free skin. I can even deal with trimmed down hair but it can't be too long. I'm guessing that qualifies as a fetish. I've never been really hairy myself and once I discovered how it felt to be hair free, basically the first time I shaved my dick, I've never looked back. Now, I know it takes all kinds and I'll support everyones right to make there own choice, but, I can't stand large amounts of body hair. It doesn't even have to be in the pubic region. If it's a large amount it's a turn-off to me. I'm not really trying to sound negative but I can't think of a way to make how I feel about it positve.
The only way I can think of to make it into a positive would be to talk about how, given the opportunity, I would shave anyone that would like it. I think that if you try it at least once, maybe stay shaved for a week say, you would probably enjoy it and want to remain that way. Right now I am at the hairest I've been in about 5 years. I let the hair on my dick grow out so I could have a brazilian wax job done and I'll be doing that very soon.
Ok sorry for rambling that way but I sometimes get off on a tangent and lose focus. oh well it's my blog, I can do it pretty much however I want.

LeEnchantress 56F

3/29/2005 9:58 pm

I'm just wondering how painful it is to have a brazilian wax job done on your pubic region? I knew someone who had it done and he said it was one of the most painful things he ever had done to him.... Ladies what is your take on this? I have no problem with body hair.. really i don't see what all the fuss is about a little hair.. I like guys with hairy chest.. i sure don't want some guy taking off all his pubic hair. i think it looks sexy. besides there are alot of cultures that find this distasteful.. I've heard European men think that a shaved vaginal area looks like a pre-pubsecent girl and didn't like the look at all...
It just seems like everyone has this same festish as concours in the US now... I was sort of thinking that this was brought about by the porn industry. First they got alot of the women thinking about breast implants.. now it's getting rid of all our pubic hair.. What next i wonder? LOL.
I have to ask.. just how much hair do you have on your dick anyway?.. I have never seen a dick with hair on it myself.. well.. maybe a few strays hairs.. but that was it. Don't you mean. just your pubic area concours?

concours1 57M
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3/30/2005 9:05 am

My biggest reason for removing all the hair 'down there' was not because of porn. I was shaving everything from the waist down years before it became fashionable for porn stars, at least the males. I started it because I was married to a woman that shaved hers and I loved the smooth feeling just after she shaved. I started wondering what it would feel like if we were both shaved and had nothing between us but skin and air. I loved the feeling so much that I never stopped and now go out of my way to remain hair free and seek out others with the same fetish.
If porn did anything for me it turned me off of body hair. Did you ever see a porn actor named Ron Jeremy? That man had so much hair you would be hard pressed to find skin! I always had very little hair anyway. What I do have on my chest, which I don't shave by the way, is very fine, light brown almost blonde and a very small patch in the center. I do have hair on most of my body but it is so fine that it's almost invisible until I get a tan. Besides my head the majority of my hair is below the waist, at least the visible stuff. And the hair below the waist is always coarser than the the rest of the body except facial hair.


5/27/2005 6:41 pm

I have been shaving regualry since I began growing hair. I've never been that hairy, never been able to grow it on my chest or back (I'm half indian/ half white).
For some reason I have never liked body hair (Except for hair on the top of my head). It definately was not to look like a child. When i was 15, I defiantely wanted to look older and I shaved even back then.
As I've gotten older I defiantely notice the benofits of shaving. My body looks much nicer and I can see definition a whole lot better. I keep in shape.
Most women are smooth (At least the legs) and me being smooth it feels so much better to feel another womans bare skin against mine.
My wife has felt the same all of her life. We were in awe when we first met each other when we first learned of our simular ineterest/fetish when we first got intimate with each other. I'm 32 and she's 36 (She's European by the way..born in Seville, and raised in Madrid, spain) we were both that way before it became popular.

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