Wars and open doors  

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7/19/2006 4:25 pm

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Wars and open doors

Well I was going to rant about somethings I read in the news today.

One was about a new form of implantable birth control .... color me crazy but I really don't like/trust taking drugs anymore than I absolutely have to. ... it just seems like fixing a pocket watch with a sledge hammer, and hormonal stuff like birth control pills/implants and steroids just seem beyond stupid in the risk department.

The other was about soldiers in Iraq posting stuff on youtube and complaining about having to guard food trucks of contract companies... I think I'm just going to ask why be in such a rush to fight and see action? Hell, I think I'd like a cushy assignment like guarding a food truck ..then again I have a damn good idea of what violence is and absolutely hate using it. ...which may make it seem odd when I say I think the war in Iraq needed to be fought. I also really hate the moronic idea of "supporting the troops, but not the war" ..the way I see it they can support themselves and if they can't they either need a pay raise or discharge papers, because if they can't I don't want them holding a rifle.

Now by supporting the war your actually doing something helpful in that your helping the soldiers justify what killing may be neccesary and saying it's right.

It just seems to me that just 'supporting the troops' is a way to say "we support you whatever you do, unless you do something wrong/illegal ....oh and by the way I think this war is illegal and unneccesary." Doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me, but then again I think that sometimes the good have to get mean to keep the bad from winning .... cops and criminals... I think there is a reason why police forces are generally better armed than the average citizen....

TheCliticals 36F/F

7/19/2006 7:06 pm

I truly wish you could spend some time with Sandy and me so we could help you see things differently

Being supportive of the troops while opposing the political decisions that put them in danger doesnt seem contradictory to me


complexlysimple replies on 7/19/2006 8:12 pm:
The politics no I don't agree with entirely ... the occasional need to stand up for those that may not be equipped to do so? that's where I agree fully ...then there's also the detail of the US having helped Saddam Hussein gain power -in way- which to me also means the US has/had a responsibility to correct it's mistakes and remove him from power when they saw what he was.... even more so since the first Bush pretty much called on the Iraqi people to overthrow Saddam ...and then didn't help when they tried.

I guess the greatest support I can see giving those who are fighting is the belief that they are doing the right thing ...violence isn't pretty and can hurt the perpetrator as much (or even more than the victim at times) that is why it's so vital to believe it's needed/right ... that belief acts as a shield from the psychological harm done by harming another human .... which why I don't like messages of support the troops, not the war ....the reasons given may have been wrong, but the war wasn't ...if anything support the war, support the troops, and blame the politicians for playing games instead of just doing what's needed to correct an injustice against humanity - and sometimes that may mean getting into a war.

If you want to chat though I suppose that could be arranged ... I would like to hear more of both of your ideas

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