The difference of a day  

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6/8/2006 7:45 pm

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The difference of a day

After having read nothing that I wrote last night -and then doing some other things- I still see the same message that was going through my head when I wrote it ...but now it seems like there is more to it and the original seems less ... in some way

That happens a lot in my life -with nearly everything I do- when I look back I see what happened I remember what I was feeling & what I was doing, yet I see so many other things at that can be gleaned from it that I start to doubt what I originally meant, while it still remains valid at the same time ...

The odd thing is sometimes it doesn't have to be looking back, it can also happen when I see something for the first time ... the multitude of possible meanings is just there ...which obviously raises a lot of questions, and opens a lot of doors ...not to mention it gets really, really confusing

Maybe it's some sort of a timeless unassuming gaze- seeing the past, present, future and all variations at once .... if that's what it is, it's definitely both a gift and a curse ... making a decision can be rather difficult at times to say the least reason I like having other people around, it keeps me grounded(?) in a way.

****Sidenote: I realize I use the smileys/italic/bold a lot ..but it's no where near as much as I tend to use non-verbal cues in a face-to-face communication ...especially when making wisecracks - it can make doing so almost a trivial matter ...just think about what a lot of modern comedians tend to do - stand up and complain/bitch about life and just change the tone of their voice making it seem more dramatic ...not a whole lot of thought there

Where does the time go? it's almost 10pm local time and I feel like I just logged on... ah, well another night passed....

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