The Power of Touch  

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5/23/2006 6:16 pm

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The Power of Touch

Physical human contact.

For some odd reason, people don't seem to realize how much it means...... at least until it's not happening.

Seriously think about the last time you've had physical contact with someone .... an handshake, a pat on the back ...anything.

Was it today? Yesterday? A week? A month?

I remember a course psychology course I took once, it was talked about briefly .. a study done (wish I could remember/find the name), where half of the subjects (I think they were human babies, though I hope I'm remembering wrong) were given attention and held where the other half were given only material necessities ... the half that was only given material was the reason the study was ended.. some had died, most were in poor health ... the study was never repeated.

The thing is this makes sense when you think about it ...humans are pretty much social animals ... we live together, work together play together ... so when a person is left out and does not feel the contact of those around ... why wouldn't it make a difference?

Needless to say I find it rather stupid that society here has stared prohibiting physical contact ...particularly in schools ...

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