Lonely Perfection  

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5/22/2006 5:15 pm

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12/16/2006 7:58 pm

Lonely Perfection

But when perfection you reach,
You might just find the need to teach,

Hoping & helping others find the way,
So among the stars they can also play,

To share what you have found,
To help lift others from the ground,

May just give great delight,
and could help you survive your own Dark Night.

For being perfect means opposing extremes,
Become united and dance in your dreams.

The path is yours to take,
But you decide the path you make.

Others to downward to pound,
To keep them from the "power" you've found.

Or to share and truly care,
and sit back and hope that they will be there,

When the dreams decide to dance,
and Light and Dark become one in their romance.

While the pain and beauty to behold,
Is worth far more than any amount of mere gold,

It may leave you feeling bare,
And wishing that someone was there,

Just to hold in an embrace,
For you may feel desolately alone in this place.

This is all the more I find myself able to do today ... though I'm not perfect by any measure I know ...the dreams dance ...and I am having difficulty dealing with the onlsaught of emotion... /

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