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Living, Loving, Learning - Life

I'm just finding all sorts of inspiration here tonight ..

Anyway this one was inspired by fantasylover_05 and his posts [post 356323] and [post 354822]


Living, Loving, Learning,
Always we find our hearts yearning,

For passion of love,
For some comfort - perhaps from above,

To go up by going down,
makes no sense to those around.

To live is to die.
Though I'm not sure why,
In learning to live parts of us must die.

Inside we do look,
Reading our lives like some great book,

Perhaps to find what we seek,
We need to realize what it takes to be meek,

The strength to laugh out,
When we may wish to shout,

The strength to turn away,
When our fists' desire to play.

To cherish what can be,
Though the "can" we may never see.

To love what we have found,
As we stand and look around,

And remembering the past,
Realizing without it we would not be here at last.

Perhaps that's all life is about,
Seeing the many sides from all around,
And perhaps that's where happiness is found....

Again the words did flow,
to my fingers from where I do not know.....

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