Death of Women and Children  

complexlysimple 35M
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7/21/2006 6:07 pm

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7/31/2006 3:35 pm

Death of Women and Children

Again I was reading the world news -and remembering why I stopped doing so before- when the thought crossed my mind

"Why do people care if it's women and children being killed?"

I'm not trying to be a calloused ass here, but seriously if women wish to be treated as equals why should it be more outrageous that a woman is being shot when compared to a man. ...especially in a war zone or around terrorists ... heck, can we honestly say that women are incapable of being terrorists? Are women incapable of shooting/killing someone? If they are then maybe it's time to start getting them back out of military service.

As for children...what/who exactly are we calling children? Because unless my memory is getting worse than I know the shooters in the Columbine school shooting could be called children .. I'm fairly sure they were under 18 ...actually any school shooting is done by 'children' ...then again if you consider who the parents are in some cases refering to them as future weapons may not be all that far from the truth.... How many hateful parents teach they're children to do the same thing? ..Point hostility and aggression outward to those that are 'inferior' in some way.

Nope, I don't think I'm going to differentiate between who gets killed anymore's unfortunate event whoever gets killed....even if it's something that is needed/deserved.

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7/21/2006 6:46 pm

I think the reason people make a big deal about women is BECAUSE they don't serve in war areas. Like the "rules" of war involve men fighting men and women and children should be kept out of it. I don't agree, but I think that's why. Personally, I want to be a sniper. But as far as I've been able to find out, women snipers aren't allowed in war areas (again with the women thing). I think you would be surprised at how many women would be willing to pick up a rifle and help defend our country. In my opinion, women are just as capable of terrorism as men. Good blog, you made me think about things!

complexlysimple replies on 7/23/2006 8:10 pm:
That's the thing "warzones" tend to be difficult to define... what's 'behind the lines' anymore? for me being surprised I wouldn't count on it ... a great many of the women I know are the frontier/settler type that would more likely pick up a rifle and defend the homestead than hide in corner.

LilSquirt_4mfm 68M/69F
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7/21/2006 7:20 pm

hi complex

interesting post ..... i sure agree with akron, us gals could make pretty good snipers etc ...... and for sure, the females support, assist & act for terrorist orgs.

however, we have cum as a world society to differentiate, especially if it is an act of war .... terrorists actually, in general, prefer women & children as it fits what they are after "by definition", to create "terror

unfortunately "people, period" get killed in our world

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complexlysimple replies on 7/23/2006 8:16 pm:
hmmm, I like your thoughts ..but I'm not sure terrorist targeting women and children would have that great of an effect at producing terror... more likely it seems to evoke anger .. the bombing incident of a Russian school withing the last few years comes to mind ...

...It seems that more often than not they try to go after guys or 'professional' / 'whitecollar' individuals ..either that or killing indiscriminiately in a fairly random fashion - car bomb here, suicide bomber there ... kind of an attempt to make it seem unpredicitable and unavoidable....

ShyWhisper2006 54F
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7/21/2006 8:01 pm

I think for the most part...women and children are seen as frail individuals...but as ..akron42, points out ...both are quite capable, if not willing to be in the midst of things, right along with the macho stereotypical male counterparts...
I had stopped watching and reading a vast majority of the news some time ago as well....there is enough terrorism , bullying and outright horror in our own neighborhoods ...I need not fill my mind with all the atrocities of the whole world....instead...I give thanks and send blessings to those amidst the fighting and chaos and wish them all peace....thank you for the thought provoker

complexlysimple replies on 7/23/2006 8:20 pm:
very true... also a reason why I stopped reading the newspaper for quite a while ... there's more than enough going on in our own localities that requires attention ...though I'm thinking fighting it has to be a team effort of the entire community ..otherwise it's like sending mixed signals - "It's okay as long as you don't get caught" type of thing....

hotandhorny107 60F

7/21/2006 10:22 pm

Interesting post and I also have to agree. In areas that are populated with and by terrorists, women and children are often willing participants. Children are raised to hate anyone that does not agree with the teachings and beliefs of the religion. Women are considered 2nd class and subservient to men and support them in their
zeal to also kill and maim.

If you ask me, every country over there has more freaking bombs than brains. I honestly think the whole damn area should be bombed into oblivion and made into a parking lot

complexlysimple replies on 7/23/2006 8:23 pm:
well I have to agree that it'd be one way to bring peace to the region ... though which region would be the question, I can think of a few cities in the US that could almost use the same kind of treatment... but I do find it rather interesting to note when and where it refers to women and children being killed and where it doesn't ....

papyrina 52F
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7/27/2006 6:53 am

shoot all women and children and the world ends now,we are still seem as the fairer sex and i'm happy with that.

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complexlysimple replies on 7/27/2006 3:41 pm:
it takes two different genders to create life ...and I seem to hear a lot of women saying they want equal treatment... so here it is.

But I don't like people dying I've had a job where I've dealt with that before, but at this point I think women and children -depending at what age you define them to be children- can and are every bit as lethal as any guy .. yay for technology make killing easy for everyone....

papyrina 52F
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7/28/2006 12:45 am

they an ,buy why if we lose the hope of a better world comes from our children ,then we are well and truelly lost as a planet

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complexlysimple replies on 7/29/2006 6:47 am:
very true ...though not all children are equal either ... the difference between 'bullys' and 'good' kids.

In the end it seems to come down to what we've been taught, what we're willing to learn ...and a willingness to accept being wrong.

Sort of a willow bending in the wind type of thing..

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