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6/18/2006 8:44 pm

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Being that today was Father's day I ended up signing a card for my father ...the thing is I defintiely thought twice about doing so ..

I guess I should say what the card was first - the outside had something like 'Dad,everything I learned about being a man I learned from you' and on the inside was 'Now the problem is I need to find a woman that will put up with me like Mom does you' ...I'm not sure that was the exact wording but it's close enough.

So I definitely thought twcie about signing it since my dad and I aren'tof the greatest of terms and he could just as easily take it as an insult, my two brothers signed it as well so I figured it'd probably be better to go ahead and sign it...

He found it funny no problems there but it does raise a lot of questions about humor ... that and faith in a realtionship that the other person doesn't want to hurt you and I think that's a big thing ..especially in a deep involving -or sexual- relationship ...and even more so in one that may include multiple individuals ... or swinging...

Deep thoughts....

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