Calling the big guns ..errr rockets  

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7/29/2006 9:09 am
Calling the big guns ..errr rockets

Again reading the news ... and I finally got a better idea of the size of rockets Hezbollah has been using ... I read they used some with 100kg (220lb) warheads.

Now I'll admit I'm a bit of a weapons nut -the physics/science just gets really, really interesting when you deal with that kind of stuff ...

So this morning I went looking around at some different websites (and realized wikipedia is actually really up to date and seems fairly consistant with other sites) to get a better idea of how big these rockets are.... I don't trust the mainstream media when it come to anything more techonologically challenging than applying a postage stamp to a letter ...hoping they understanding the glue would be asking too much - and I do have reasons... namely they screw up quite often....

Anyway I found out these rockets aren't what I was thinking when they first reported rockets being fired into Israel ...I was thinking just small things having maybe 5-10lb warhead the homemade type stuff the palestinans supposedly use... which is why that 100kg warhead caught my attention.

So I found out that Hezbollah is basically launching car-size rockets ..which makes the ordance the Israelis are most likely using seem almost small by comparison.... that's assuming Israelis the using bombs similiar to those in common use for the US. That's probably a 500lb bomb (unless they've switched to the newer/smaller stuff the US has -and is moving to) ...which tend to have around 200lbs of actual explosives ...

So each size is basically using 'military size' weapons with about the same amount of explosives ..the deliver system is just different ...Israel has aircraft, Hezbollah is using rockets -which may also have fuel left on impact.

Now I don't know about anyone else, but for me this definitely changes my perspective on the amount of force Israel is using .... and why the Lebanese government probably wouldn't stand much of a chance at disarming Hezbollah.

Either way it's not a pretty situation, but having some understanding as to what's going on (and what's being used) helps when forming a judgement ... at least in my opinion

..and now it makes a bit more sense why Israel is using the level of force it is in Lebanon ... can't say I agree with everything they are doing but it does make a bit more sense.

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