A minority member ??  

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5/17/2006 8:18 pm

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A minority member ??

I wrote this in response to Do you believe by absolutelynormal. I originally wrote this as a comment there, but decided to move it here rather than leave it there since it grew rather lengthy.


First I agree whole heartedly with your statements.

Now imagine that I am a minority. Well, depending how you look at it ... I am in the minority.

I'm a caucasian male that's also a US citizen.

So I could be accurately labeled a minority member because:

1) I'm male. In the US, or the "mostly developed" (a census term) world women outnumber men, although globally men out number women ..by a mere 45 million or so (out of 6.5 billion). Rather interesting if you start looking at the reasons for this, birth rates (which tend to favor high male ratio - guys die off faster though), violence (not so great for us guys), and medical access...

2) I'm caucasian, which in the US puts me in the majority (though that will likely change looking at birth rates and immigration) but looking globally, China and India account for nearly half of the world's population and I'd imagine that there aren't a whole lot of caucasians in either of those countries, which puts caucasians in the minority on the global scale.

3)I'm a US citizen. Same argument as above.

(** All the data for those observations comes directly from the U.S. Census Bureau's International Data Base, and the UN database - both are on-line)

Now what does all of this mean.... not a blessed thing - to me anyway ...though it might mean I fall into a rather reviled category ...an oppressive American male ...oppressive now being associated with being caucasian (as it's being taught in some universities and textbooks currently - apparently racism is only projected toward "minority" members and as such "minority" members can not be racist) ...personally I'd like to know exactly who I've oppressed and where that definition came from....

The way I see it I'm human first and foremost, but I'm from the planet Earth and I live in St. Cloud, Minnesota in the United States of America.

As for cultural majority ...hard work, value of life, intelligence/innovation and wisdom are valued in most cultures around the world ... I say most because I agree with quite a few of the things Bill Cosby has recently been taking issue with in the black community ...but it's not happening in just the black community ...ignorance, violence and general loutishness appear to becoming valued traits among a growing number.

Which is why I say: a piece of ~^~ is a piece of ~^~ no matter what the color ...or what you want to call it ...... so everyone should try not to be a piece of ~^~ ...


I didn't intend to write quite that much, but this is one of those few issues that really irritates me...

absolutelynormal 57F
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5/17/2006 10:00 pm

Good post. No one here said you oppressed anyone. We're talking about what happened here. We're talking about a deliberate racial slur, just to cause hurt feelings and to start something.

Theoretically we should just all shut up because we are doing just as the provoker planned.

I agree. A spade is a spade. There is no racial undertone to that statement. My friends here, including you, know my stand on this.

However, freedom of speech reigns and being the constitutionalist that I am, I'm all for it!!

If you wanna take it global, I'll go with you and say look what white people are doing in Iraq. Another attack on people of color.

If I keep going though, we're gonna get into some really deeeep shit and I can't go there right now. My ambien is kicking my ass. We'll debate another time. (((compsimp)))) Mac

complexlysimple replies on 5/17/2006 10:17 pm:
I fully understand that no one here has stated that I'm an oppressor, but at the same time the opinion is held that white=oppressor... and to me that constitutes a racist attitude..

And why not talk about it? ..When it comes to bombs I'd rather get them in the open and perhaps defuse it before it's used in anger and someone gets hurt ...and this topic tends to become one large bomb - figuratively speaking.

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