A Piercing Gaze  

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5/25/2006 10:32 pm

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A Piercing Gaze

Your flaws glare,
Underneath my stare,

And all I will see,
for it will become apparent to me,

Though you should have no fear,
The good will also be clear.

But what have you done,
My loveable one,

That you feel you must hide so,
Why not just tell me and let it go?

Have with the animals you played?
Or a marriage you betrayed?

Perhaps beaten and abused?
Or by multiple men have you been used?

Including among others,
A pair of brothers,
One at each end,
While one claims to be your friend?

Have you killed?
Or even in anger blood spilled?

These things things I have heard before,
And in the future do expect to hear more,

For some of these have been done to friends,
And the list never ends,

As to what you have gone through,
Or what you feel you must do,

Always I will be a friend,
Right to the end.

Though by your side I may not be able to stay,
If you push and desire me to go away.

I may step back,
If I think you'll lead me into an attack.

Though even then I will dare,
and continue to care..

And hope you'll find,
That which you've tossed behind.


To friends past, present and future ... you are who you are, whatever your faults, imperfections, talents and gifts I will try to accept you for you are who you are ...because who you are is always changing....

May you find what you seek.

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