A Night Together  

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A Night Together

I hope your sitting in a comfy chair because this isn't all that short, and while the setting is.... my place, I think the basic story is older than time itself, so it doesn't matter who's telling it, or who the woman could be -I don't know. Anyway without further ado.....


A Night Together-

Like any other night, I come home from work, I for mail -find nothing interesting- and go to my apartment. I open the door and enter into a dimly lit entry, not bothering to turn on any lights, I take a seat in the nearest chair, taking off my boots and pulling off my socks happy to have the week behind me, yet disappointed to be spending the night alone -again. After sitting and relaxing for a few minutes I get up pick up my boots and socks, put my boots in the closet, go to my bedroom door where I toss the socks into a laundry basket with the rest of the dirty laundry. I then unbutton my shirt, taking it off tossing it into the laundry basket as well - my jeans and boxers follow. Then I head to the kitchen pull out a couple of chicken breasts to thaw, turn the oven on to warm up and head to the shower.

I step into the shower, and turn it on when I hear what sounds like a door closing - I'm not expecting anyone and they wouldn't be able to get into the building without me letting them - so I ignore it, assuming it's from another apartment. By now I'm soaking wet, and pick up the soap when I hear footsteps on the bathroom floor, turning off the shower I open the curtain being both cautious and confused ... and there she stands, a smile on her face as her eyes feast on my naked wet body drinking in every detail. I relax and smile -for her being there is completely unexpected- yet completely welcomed. Her eyes, sated at least return to my face as she says hello - so I ask her if she would like to join me instead of just standing there, her smile widens as she starts to strip.

First she drops her pants, pulling off her shirt and bra, stripping faster than I have ever seen her do before -she steps into the shower closing the curtain behind her. That's when I remember to ask how she got in ... her reply -with a smile-"through the door." I look at her with a smile and can't help, but to chuckle - she's one of the few that can make me laugh anymore. As I reach around her to turn the shower back on, she tells me she followed someone else into the building and just walked into my apartment - seeing as how I didn't lock the door... I'm just glad to see her and kiss her neck as my head passes back by past her.

She reaches down to pick up the soap, telling me to turn around so she can wash my back - happily I do so, thinking of how nice it will be to have my back scrubbed.... and scrubbed it is. As I turn back around her hands follow my body, coming to rest on my chest... as I look at her I can't help but want to kiss her, so I lower my body ever so slightly tipping her head back just enough to press my lips against hers. Her hands slide down my chest, leaving tracks of soap ....as she makes quick work of my chest and slides her hands down onto my now stiff prick ...where she smiles at me and takes her time ...wanting to torment me and remind me of how long we've been apart - and she does, enough so that I pick her up, letting water rush down between us washing the soap away.

I lower her down, her hand guiding me into her waiting body, her hands are wrapped around my shoulders, and her legs around my waist. Her weight completely resting on me feels ...pleasant -she's an average size woman ...weighing about half of my weight. With the water running over us, I start thrusting in and out of her body, she moves her hips helping - trying to get me to orgasm quicker ... it helps I quickly peak, lifting her off of me as I do.. she smiles, straightens her legs and slides back down to stand on her feet, as I reach for the soap, she's reaching for the shampoo. I start washing her back, which is the furthest from me ... as I finish she starts to wash her hair and turns, so I can clean the rest of her body - she never let's me wash her hair ... it doesn't bother me since I enjoy watching her wash her hair. As a I spread the lathered soap around her breasts, she turns her head and smiles at me - letting me know that she's enjoying it as much as I enjoy doing it ... my hands come up from the bottom, cupping her breasts before my hands slide between them ...meeting in the middle before slipping back to the outside, then to the bottom as I bring my hands forward, taking my time washing her nipples ... feeling them harden before moving to the top. As I finish washing her breasts my hands slide down, and I lower my head -avoiding her hair (her beautifully long hair)- I kiss her neck. My hands find their way to her pussy - where I had been but moments before, I wash quickly as she's nearly finished washing her hair - not leaving much time to return the torment she had put me through ... but the night is still young, and I'm certain we will be spending it together.

As we finish in the shower, I turn the water off she opens the curtain, steps out and starts to dry off. Slowly I follow suit, partially since I enjoy watching her - full of grace and beauty as she always seems to move ... even tripping and stumbling seems to be done with grace. As she finishes she bends over to pick up her clothes, I step out of the shower behind her.. she stands turns to see me with a look of content on my face ...quickly appraising if I'm dry she leans forward and gives me a quick kiss before she leaves the room. Free of the confines of the shower I quickly dry off and head to my room to get dressed, assuming we'll be going out tonight.

I slip into a pair of boxers and shorts, tossing on a shirt - leaving it unbuttoned until I know better what out plans for the night are. I step out of the bedroom, look into the living room not seeing her I head to the kitchen, where I find her - dressed only in bra and panties- standing at the stove. Feeling over dressed I step into the room, she either pays no mind, or doesn't realize I'm there, so I step up behind her wrapping my hands around her waist. I look over her shoulder to see what she's making -noting the view of her gorgeous breasts in the process- she looks back at me contently as my hands make contact with her hips and says, " Well, someone decided to wear clothes for a change" .... again she makes me laugh and respond that we must have traded ideas since she's the one wearing next to nothing now... she smiles and laughs - just a short burst - but it lightens my heart to hear her laugh.

I notice the chicken is already in the now heated oven, the timer set. So I let her work as I grab, peel and slice an onion, placing it in a bowl, I ask her if she has any preference on the chicken -she shakes her head- so I pull the mustard, and lemon juice from the refrigerator, mixing them, some tequila and a few spices together in a bowl. Setting it beside the onions, I stand back to wait and watch. Unsure of what she's making, and getting only the answer that it's good, I watch - it looks good, smells delicious- I find myself eagerly wanting to taste it. Realizing the chicken is half done, she steps aside as I pull it out of the oven, flip the chicken over, spread the onions and sauce over the breasts. As I put it back in the oven I can't help, but step outside of myself and comment on the way things would look to an observer... her standing there wearing nothing but bra and panties holding a spoon in hand and me -dressed- putting the chicken breast in the oven. This time I hear her laugh completely and fully ..it's music to my ears - I feel it to the very soul of my being.

She steps back to what she was doing, and I step forward wrapping her in my arms.... when everything is nearly done I turn to grab two plates, when I turn she takes one puts it back telling me we won't need it ....then smiles and says "Besides do you really want to do more dishes than you have to?" I laugh as she tells me to go take a seat on the couch. I sit down and she comes around the corner caring a plate, a glass of wine ...wearing nothing. She comes to me, standing waiting, patiently and expectantly . .. I realize I am really over dressed now, so I take my shirt off tossing it on the floor, shimmy out of my shorts -never leaving the couch. Then when I'm sitting there bare, she sets down the wine, hands me the fork and sits down on my left thigh still holding the plate. I cut off part of the chicken, offer it to her ...she tells me to have the first bite. I offer her the second, which she takes ...then makes me have the third and fourth. This is the way we have supper her holding the plate, me using the fork, her holding the glass for the both of us - me having to eat two bites for her every one ... as I think why do women do this? - making sure I eat - usually more than I want, while taking only what they want.... As we finish the food I notice the glass still has some wine left in it, which I offer to her and she declines ...making me finish it. Wryly I ask if she's trying to get me drunk ... she only laughs, setting the plate down - I reach over placing the glass on top of it.

That's when she moves closer, wrapping her right arm around me ..me left arm looping around her, resting on her thigh - bodies coming together curves matching like they were made to be placed together. I feel her breast resting against my chest, as we talk my hand gently drifts over her thighs ... then she decides to move... straddling me- legs to either side... she reaches down with her hand coaxing me to hardness ...my hands move from her hips to her breasts cupping them - fondling her nipples - we are ready to play. My hands slide back down to her hips as she guides me in ... there is little else I can do for I am pinned between her and the couch as she starts to grind her body against mine .... so I let my hands drift along her sides, around to her back ...pulling her forward I suck on her nipples ... gently nibbling and licking as she continues to grind and slip my cock in and out of her wet pussy .... she starts to arch her back ... I know she is ready to cum ... I help as much as I can making limited circular thrusts as she reaches satisfaction....

I pull her close, changing our position so we are laying on the couch -she on top, me underneath I continue to stroke her back letting my hands glide over her firm butt ....she looks raises her head to look at me mischievously and rocks back into an upright position keeping my hard cock in her the entire time -now on my back I use my hips more again- she starts moving her waist in circles shifting my cock around inside her. I thrust in and out nearly lifting her off the couch, my hands hold her waist following her movement ... moving up to fondle her breasts - she leans forward shifting me deeper into her body ... my hips now have greater room to move so I start making longer thrusts ...she's now moving her hips forward and backward with increasing tempo - I match her - the pace continues to increase ... I'm nearly ready to burst, she see's it on my face just as I see she is ready to do the same ..we continue arching backs pressing our bodies together as we cum together.

She lays down on my chest, finally satisfied, but I feel sense that something deeper has awoken within me ...flipping us over I slide myself into her as I can... I hear her whimper- I look at her face watching her as she looks at my face seeing that while I'm not angry something primal has awoken in me, I see her face as she realizes this and see the saw primal urge being unlocked in her as she pulls me even closer and deeper into her body wanting me to fill her. Deeply I start thrusting and grinding, while she squeezes her breasts ever so tightly. I lower my body closer to her, she immediately wraps her arms around me pulling herself close, squashing her breasts into my chest. Our mouths meet in an all consuming kiss, devouring each other through the emotions unleashed. I feels her nails dig deep into my back - it causes no pain, instead I feel a release as I cum, the muscles in my loins clenching and releasing as I shoot load after load into her body ...the urge has been satisfied, my senses return to normal ..gently I kiss her neck and face as she calms down after having been filled.

As I go to stand I see that she is soaking wet, so I lower my mouth to her pussy and start licking her clean... tasting her, tasting me, tasting -us, as I finish I kiss her lips knowing that they will be tender in the morning - she lays there watching me the entire time - I stand to go take care of my back for I can feel the blood freely flowing, as I stand she turns herself on the couch grabbing my waist -holding me there- she wraps her mouth around my cock sucking it clean, sliding her hand down my shaft to get every last drop of my juice.

She lets me go, as I turn I hear her small gasp as she the eight furrows dug into my back, I turn to face her and see her looking at her hands, I tell her not to worry it's nothing that won't wash away and heal. She stands and follows me to the bathroom.

By the time we get to the bathroom she is completely composed, I flip on the light as she goes to the sink and washes her hands. She then grabs a wash cloth, motioning me to turn around ..I can't help but smile at the thought "my precious little Valkyrie taking care of her injured master." As she washes my back I wrap my arm around her, just enjoying the presence of her being there. Finishing up she stands back, I glance over my shoulder and see the gauze pads she's taped to my back .. I turn to look at her, she has a sheepish look on down-turned her face. I lower body and tilt her head level so I look into her eyes, letting her see the merriment dancing in my eyes, I ask her if shes ready to go to bed for the night. She looks at me with a childlike grin wrapping her arms around my neck as I pick her up - she wraps her legs around my waist as I walk out the door, turning off the light. I look around the apartment -everything is turned off- I carry her into my room and lay her down on my bed, settling next to her. Her hand reaches down to stroke my dick getting me hard, she then playfully pulls at my arm wanting me to roll with her wrapping my arm around her as we do. She presses herself up against my firm dick and falls asleep.

As I lay there holding her in my arms, my thoughts are on her -how she is the perfect woman to the rest of the world, yet is willing to let me see that she is also a like a child- just wanting to be love. With these thoughts on my mind I fall asleep happy to have her in my arms again.


5/28/2006 6:49 pm

like chicken...finger lickin good

just a squirrel trying to get a nut

complexlysimple replies on 5/28/2006 7:10 pm:
glad you enjoyed it

MaggiesWishes 61F

5/28/2006 9:04 pm

Hummmm.... quick peeking into my fantasies!
Mucho calienti !!! {=}
warm huggies 2ya

complexlysimple replies on 5/29/2006 11:45 am:
back at ya, Mags

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5/29/2006 10:16 am

very gud advice to have one sit down....

~ smilez ~ thx

complexlysimple replies on 5/29/2006 11:38 am:
/ was it length ... or content that made it good advice?

..Thanks for stopping by tho -blown from afar

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5/29/2006 3:55 pm

Very, very good post. Well written and HOT

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