Why not? A second one!  

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5/24/2006 6:26 pm

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Why not? A second one!

Well who knows if anyone will be interested but there is a second one I have so why not go all out. This time the story will deal with various people whom you will rank by your opinion of their 'character'.

A wife is walking home from work when she comes to the river. A sudden storm has destroyed the bridge and swept the river into a fury. She can't home to her husband except to cross the river. Looking around she spots one boatman who is lounging on board his vessel. Approaching him she asks if he'll carry her to the other side of the river. He replies yes for $50. She tries to explain that she has no money and her husband is on the other side and she cannot cross or contact him. He ignores her pleas and will not agree to go without $50. A stranger nearby walks over and tells her that he will give her $50 if she will have sex with him. Seeing no other way she agrees and has sex with the stranger. He gives her the money and she pays the boatman. Upon arriving at the far bank she is met by her friend who knows her and her husband. The friend tells her that they saw everything that happened! She pleads with them to not tell anyone else, that she wants to tell her husband herself when she gets home. The friend agrees and then goes immediately to where the husband is and tells him everything. The husband is shocked and when he sees his wife tells her it is over that he is filing for divorce.

That's it just put the people in order from best person to most vile and reply here. Meanings will be posted in a couple of days if anyone is interested and can't wait same as the other email me and I'll share. Heck these might be out somewhere on the web for all I know. Not like I wrote them. Later all!

BaronessK 53F

5/24/2006 7:15 pm

I answered the other one, so might as well take a shot at this one; I've been told I'm psychic {or was that psycho?}, but don't know if that sort of thing works for something like this! *L*

wife, boatman, stranger, friend, husband

then again, I almost want to say boatman, wife, stranger, friend, husband

She could try a lot harder for another solution. The stranger is worse than the boatman, even, in trying to take advantage of the situation. The friend made a promise then immediately and blatantly broke it; and if they saw it all, why didn't they offer. The husband should have been at least a bit more understanding; as with most thing, the closer someone is to you the more demanding and all they are about what and how they expect you to be -- at the same time, they should also be more understanding about your humanity.

Okay, that's enough. Later....

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