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9/6/2006 12:22 am

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A simple enough title that hides such a volume of paths. For those close to me you already know what the 2nd was. For those who don't I will share a bit of detail. On my profile it states I'm a widower. I've stated that and made mention of it in a few other of my blogs.

I've not made it known to everyone (other than those who have taken an interest in me and my situation) but aside from the date being the anniversary it was also the 1st Anniversary.

I am aware that some may be shocked, appalled or whatever over the time frame that is mentioned, but I'll assure those concerned that I have mourned and made as much of my peace with things as one is able to. I will not post any details of this - especially here, but I have given the story many a time over and if you are really interested in the untimely passing of my wife I will not be offended.

What I wanted to do here today was to lay a bit of a tribute... a small memorial here for her.

Love is not a passing thing that can be handed from one to another, the love I hold for you is yours always and forever. Just like the water falling from the heavens and the air that fills the sky - love is unending and eternal. As these months have rolled so steadily past and I have endured separation and uncertainty. I have faced things alone for the first time since we met. I have done all I can to make the lives of the kids as happy and as wonderful as they deserve and you would have wanted them to be. Love always leaves its mark when it passes and it is even more true when there is no way to say goodbye. You lived with us as your world and now that world has ended. I now travel our path alone but I have friends, family and loved ones who help to carry my load. I am sure you would be proud of how we have grown our children and even myself. With new friends and old, people who have opened their hearts and given us their aid. I know that you were always there to help others and now that has returned as others have come to the aid of your family. I cannot say that I think what happened is fair. To know that after all your struggles, to see the dawn and twilight of 23 years and then to have no more. To overcome so much suffering to have it end after our short time together. Sometimes people become friends and made a mark upon my mind, fewer have earned my trust and made a place in my heart and very few still have been able to touch me enough to caress my soul. Did Fate guide you to me and then take you away? I can only guess. If so then I know you would petition Fate itself to watch over us and I hope it will be so. My memories will certainly fade as I age, my heart will have more visitors to come I certainly hope, and I know, that as you showed me once - another may come into contact with my soul. You will always have a place in my soul and I am so thankful to have had the time we did and to experience the love we had. I can never truly thank you for those wonderful gifts of you left to me and the world, the kids will always be taken care of I promise. So I end this memorial and know that you are at rest in a better place. I will strive to keep those precious memories and lessons I learned in mind and take them to heart.

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9/6/2006 2:13 am

Unfortunately I know just what you mean; just as unfortunate you know what I mean when I talk of this. As for 'time'...time is gone, and it is forever. You have done what you had to do to go on. She has found her own peace and you have made peace with that. It is all we can do...because we have no other choice, anyway.

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From one who has lost to another,I know where you stand at this point and time. I feel your pain and your heart ache, I also know on the mending end that things are starting to look up. I understand the phases of recovery and as a friend and more I will be here for you. Hugs, Kisses and Love, Bella

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