Nothing much for today  

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5/29/2006 11:00 pm
Nothing much for today

Well, I was thinking about posting about something but I noticed alot about the blog post comments thing thats going around I specifically didn't call it what it is as I don't want to take false hits from people looking for it. I don't think I could do much since I know a handful of people only, lol. So instead of creating something to post I spent over an hour trying to track the thing bacck to its source. Well I learned two things, 1) Don't overestimate the strength of a fad It did not begin 30 pages ago. Nor 20 nor 10 nor 5 but I think I found one on 4 but it took some detective work to track it back to its creator. 2) I'd better not attempt another trip like that I probably could have found it quicker but I kept getting sidetracked with other intersting topics and a few false ones since I was looking for a specific word.

Anyway for those looking for answers to the quizzes I'll go ahead and spill since I didn't get around to anything interesting.

For fun my choices will be the order the list appears.
What Do You Do?
The Baby represents family
The Door is your friends
The Laundry represents your social life
The Water is your finances
The phone is your job
Of course I think the test HAS to be dated since hanging laundry and phone technology is very advanced.

The Second test
The Wife represents Relationships
The Stranger represents Sex
The Boatman represents Money
The Husband represents Marriage
The Best Friend represents Friends

Well Hope that entertains some people. BTW I did find the first one online somewhere so if someone else find the second out there let me know.

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