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8/14/2006 1:04 am

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Make a list

You know how sometimes you think, "Hey! I'm finally done with that big thing I was dealing with and then you take a breath and say ok well I'll just get caught up on some of those things I have been neglecting." Well I have my break between the end of summer and start of Fall semesters and I did just that. I planned to catch up on housework and have some time for 'fun in the sun' well except for the sun part {vampiric hiss, lol} I mean with what I've had going on I've had my good friends and all commenting 'Hey what's up?' and placing concern on my general well being. I mean I'm fine. I just haven't had a chance to even get back to them via email or phone. Well I didn't really want to email as that would seem a cop out. I wanted to phone them up and say "Hey, things have been..." Of ccourse with the 'chillins' starting back in school that added more stuff, add my advisor and registering, a kid b'day party impending! So I forget to call when I have a moment in the day, plus at night I wind up tryin to chill out and relax that I don't try to check yim for anyone. Plus I forget a few other things I need to accomplish, so I finally had to make a list, lol. So of all my To Do lists I have mimed contemplating I craft the most mundane. Well mayhaps I can get caught up so I can have a chance for some fun ahead but it will be short lived with return to classes on the 22nd. Oh and it will be the same effin' math since I got a D. Plus we will be adding a science (Astrology = no math or very little) a literature (British/Irish to be exact) and some philosophy (Some kinda hot moral issues, debating or somesuch should be fun with my devil advocate personality). Anyway wish me luck on getting things in order and calmed down... well not too calm... nevermind that I'm never bored so it wouldn't matter either. I just need the time to take care of the things that are important to me. Well between breaks ya can stick a fork in this blog cuz its done. Ah, terrible old lines from the good ole' days. As a PS of course things aren't all bad! I've managed to squeeze in a little fun here and there.

BaronessK 53F

8/14/2006 3:39 am

No need on the 'P.S.'...cuz I know you!

BaronessK 53F

8/15/2006 3:49 am

Excuse me...though *I* have done nothing wrong. Please attend, if you will: [post 469265].

It will probably 'disappear' much like the so-called persons who were not persons who they said they f'n nauseum.... So I am taking the liberty of posting it here, as well.

[post 461621] 'award for WRITING' goes to...EMMA TOM of The Australian for US gets itself in a noose with its core democratic values" from THE WRY SIDE ON JUNE 14, 2006!

[post 453661] 'award for WRITING' goes to...MOSNEWS for KFC Tortures Chicks: Animal Rights Activists in Bikini!

By the time I get to Phoenix 'award for WRITING' goes to...London Reuters for We don't want to be disrespectful to dead fish...

[post 458358] 'award for WRITING' goes to...I am lost {without spaces...and without plagarism!!!!}

[post ??????] 'award for WRITING' goes to...SOMEONE ELSE, AGAIN!!!!

And what do we get for our time to read plagarised posts? Let me show you:

"...figure in a monk's garments thrust a large steak through each of them while screaming I AM THE FUN GOD. Forensic examinations of the bodies later revealed that each of the fatal blows had been administered through their backs." WHOSE BACKS? THERE ARE NO SUCH 'PERSONS' SO THERE CAN BE NO BACKS, NO FRONTS, NOR ANYTHING ELSE BUT LIES!!!! THEN... "This Blog is Now Terminated. No further posts will be made. No regrets. No Apologies. Blog on, Blog Free"

No regrets for surprising...NOT! No apologies for lying, stealing, and all the further surprising...NOT! Blog on, Blog Free? We will see...all 7 of my personalities as it's said...although there is only 1 of me, in truth I am me, the Baroness...and WE ARE NOT FUCKING AMUSED!

Quoting: No...'we' are NOT FUCKING "AMUSED"! To those who repeated, repeatedly ad long as 'their' writing was good...who cared who 'they' were, 'really'... THE PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY WROTE THE DAMN ARTICLES...AND ME!!!!

How would YOU like it, J...if someone stole YOUR writing and said it was their's? No need to take 'sides'...for 'they' are NOT...any thing....

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