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5/22/2006 4:40 pm
Location, Location, Location

I was musing over something last night mainly about fantasies that I want to do and recalling some of the things I have done. I keep a little journal of my exploits and occasions and things in my life. It is an off and on thing kind of a precursor to my desire to blog. No you will not be seeing it here; access allowed only to members, hahaha.

Anyway I was trying to kind of identify things I would like to experience which will maybe one day be the subject here. Over the course of thinking I was considering some numbers and places. Earlier I had taken a quiz on some site that had asked the number of girls I had kissed. I was glad that I could at least move past my fingers for that question. I won't divulge numbers here, not kissing and telling either. As I was doing that counting I started began to consider other things such as the uncommon locations I have been when things had gone beyond kisses. I know that everyone has some story about the riskiest place they've gotten some. I don't claim that I have the most or anything like that. I just admit that I kinda like the adventurous locale. It doesn't need to be a risk of being caught or a huge taboo for it to be adventurous just somewhere that is a change of scenery. Those others can be a bit interesting; certainly I would consider some of those. I also don't mean that things have to rock on to completion at any particular spot. Getting a little oral here, some fondling there, and a bit of riding somewhere else before moving to some steamy action somewhere private is as much fun as going for broke in a more risky maneuver. That's my take on it of course, I'm sure someone else may see it differently, but as the old saying goes..."Different strokes for different folks." And of course what you can do skinny-dipping in a pool is different from what you can accomplish in a busy parking lot just as you may have more time by a secluded lake one day than late night in a secluded parking lot. Time and place play their part too.

I couldn't decide what my favorite encounter would be just based on the location it occurred, there is so much more to it than that. I'm sure that if you really start defining things like awards for movies sure you can decide "Best location" "Best use of household items" and "Best Co-Star" but even then there has to be something that encompasses everything. A top of the list experience that takes everything into consideration. The difference between movies and experiences like that is the sequels are usually much better than the originals.

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