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7/12/2006 11:05 pm

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Kinda Funny

Ok so I have that theatre class right. well we will have to perform a 10 min play at the end so we have been assigned to groups. At first I was the only guy in the group of 10 so i was thinking well I hope that will give me a good shot at the leading male role. Anyway we did get two more students added to the class and we picked up another guy.
Onto the funny part, we were given an acting excercise to perform two short scenes with the same dialog and different situations. So when the discussion starts and everyone is looking clueless I say ok the first scene sounds like a boyfriend / girlfriend thing. Several of the girls say that's what I was thinking so that was resolved easily. So why not go for broke right? I suggest the second scene can be a political rally / speech theme and everyone is wow that's great. The other guy didn't look like he was about to volunteer for anything and damned if I am not going to have my one shot at acting so I volunteered for the boy / girl scene. (Maybe my shyness is being killed finally - doubt that) So we rehearse the scene. In part of the dialog there is a 'thing' which we decide will be a condom -no deal I have one in my wallet... No, wait that doesn't sound right. So instead I create one with a sheet of paper. All's well and good... until we see the other group cobbling props for a bed. Damn our idea is their idea too. So I go and volunteer our group to go first so we can undercut the competition. Next I reimagine our scene and add a car bench for our setting. Two wooden crates and Poof! Were set. In the meantime I watch the others setting up our scene two and offer a few points there. All plays go smoothly with a common element of sex and alcohol, lol. We move onto assigning roles for the members of the group and I realize that I could get director or playwright probably no problem...then I wouldn't get to act. Damn choices, ah the supreme power of those offstage elements or my desire to perform. So I take the Devil's Advocate role where I can at least play the counter point to things that may need to be nudged in the right direction.
BTW don't even get me started on the Math class! I've never intentionaly looked at what I'd have to score on everything to GET a C!!!

BaronessK 53F

7/13/2006 5:27 am

I can't stand math...that's why I have an accounting degree! Seriously, that's not about math {it's about straightening up pieces of paper on paper for other people to deal with}. Now that I've sympathized with you, will you do the same for me? Go to Baroness' Big Bang Bored Bitchin' Birthday Blowing Basharama and post something...hell, I don't care if it's literally "something"; if you were nice you'd post a Happy Birthday...since the day of my birthday some people are going to be getting ready for a 'meat and grope' in your area...while some of us are going to be working!

wfluv2play888 46F

7/14/2006 7:40 pm

Hey Jon... I can help you out with the math class.....

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7/15/2006 12:39 am

    Quoting wfluv2play888:
    Hey Jon... I can help you out with the math class.....
OHHHH! Gratitude and gratefulness of all kinds.

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