BTW On the Way  

company_od 44M
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6/8/2006 9:04 am
BTW On the Way

Well I'm on my way to school but decided to go ahead and post now, beat the rush and all. Anyway, last night I was surfing the site here and decided to see how many local blogs there were in my 'neck of the woods' so to speak and basically decided to at least take a peek around town. Of course I know just like everyone else that alot of these blogs are more 'hardcore' than mine and have real interest but I won't hold that against me. When I finally crashed for the night I got to thinking. Before I gave the site here a chance I could say that I never saw someone I met naked before I met them in person. Not that there is anything wrong there just a fact. I never had the pleasure of getting to know about someone from their blogs instead of the more guided manner of letters and conversations. Of course seeing peoples' profiles and blogs from far off is interesting but so is the local side. Chances of actually bumping into someone real life from here is very low, plus alot of the time you might not equate the picture with the person walking down the street. Then again I suppose that someone could look familiar and cause you to double take. Not that I lead a charmed life but I typically blend in with everyone around me, rarely have I had anyone come up and say they mistook me for someone. Anyway that's the thought for today, long and drawn out as it is. I gotta get on the road to find parking, make the walk to class and kick back and learn more exciting history. Well at least I don't have the morning class yet and not have to deal with classes until after the noon hour.

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