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11/20/2005 1:57 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


Well it is officially Sunday and here I am unable to sleep and thinking way too much again.
Earlier I received a message from someone who said that he believes women find him intimidating. From my understanding he feels his intelligence is just a little too much for some of us little ladies.
He made me think though...about control. I mean isn't that what people who are trying to be intimidating are aiming for?

Since I am here on this site I was putting the ideas of sex and control together.
In most cases, they seemingly go hand in hand. I mean, how many of us relish either being the initiator or being slammed on the bed and getting fucked like there is no tomorrow? I do believe there has to be a limit to how much control you are willing to either take or give. Otherwise the fun can be sucked right of a good roll in the hay.

I was reading in an article that a man's sex drive increases when a woman takes more control over the sex act. What do you guys think? Do you prefer to be the initiator or would you rather have it the other way around?

I suppose as long as everyone is satisfied it doesn't really matter too terribly much, but I still wonder...for those that aren't as vocal as some of us, how does one know how much control to give or take?

I do know for myself, I relish the thought of giving up control once in awhile for a great fuck. I do have a name to uphold...
But there are times when all I can think about is that fine man I ran into at the grocery store with the terribly tight ass and how much I want him tied up in my bed. How much I would tease him in every way imaginable. Touch every part of his body with my mouth...

See what I have gone and done?? Time for a nice cold shower.

Take care all and happy fucking.

GB_Cple 67M/56F  
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11/20/2005 5:21 am

As long as it is safe and consentual sex,
have fun with it , but play safe

DallasPhallus56 61M

11/20/2005 6:13 am

In this patriarchal world, we men are (allegedly) in control of so much, and on occasion it feels good to give up that control and simply go with the flow, to surrender. Then there is the aspect of being desired. A woman who initiates sex, no matter how many times we might have had sex with her, is telling us in no unceretain terms that we are attractive and desirable. This is always a turn-on. Women are usually more subtle than that, indicating interest with their eyes, with casual gestures or words, but seldom coming right out and asking for sex, let alone taking over.

I have also seen this with women who are in positions of authority; occasionally they need to let go of it and just lie back and get fucked. They generally like a man who has more confidence and power than they do, as long as he's good at pleasuring them.

For myself, I usually like a certain amount of control but nothing too extreme.

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11/21/2005 2:18 am

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