Lustful Poetic Moments  

collegefun06 33M
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5/25/2006 4:29 pm

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6/19/2006 3:37 pm

Lustful Poetic Moments

Whats up, for some reason i have a Def Jam Poetry moment going so i thought i'd share.....

A soft wet kiss careses her ear as he licks her lobe
Whispering in it nasty words as she lets her mind go

Her hair is gently pulled back, bitting her neck, pain meeting pleasure, passion meeting lust,
He whispers in her ear " Baby...... i wanna fuck"

His hands caresses her ass, moving her skirt upward revealing the lace thong she's wearing,
Passion over comes them, there eyes meet, lips touch and they both start stareing

Long and deep passionate kissing, his tongue on her tonsils, her tongue messaging his there lips becoming one
She begins to feel the bulge in his pants, as it grows her pussy becomes moistend..... just the thought of penetration might make her cum

As she perpends on what position he'll put her into, she feels her body begin to levitate, her back thumping against the wall, all of her inhibitions are now threw

She drops to her knees and unzips his pants revealing the big black dick she'd been longing for
Inch by inch she takes it into her warm mouth, sucking it so good his face begs for more

Licking, sucking, sucking, licking, balls, dick, balls dick, in and out of her lips
Shes devouring the dick so well it almost had him whipped

Suddenly shes thrown onto the bed, she feels her panties coming down, followed by flowing juices, then a wet tongue
He licks up her thighs, down her thighs, teasing her just for fun

His face buried in her wet pussy licking and sucking on the clit and those juicy pussy lips, his tongue in and out of her pussy
Her legs begin to shake and her lips begain to curl she feels her body tense....... Ooooooooo hell naw it can't be

Her ass is cumming already, and he's licking it all up, a tornado tongue has landed she came before they fucked

Multiple orgasams are sure to cum, his 8 inch dick still in her mind, the succulent taste of it still lingers in her mouth
That first nut was so good it made her ass shout

She takes a moment and thinks God for this dude, its hard to find a dude like he
You right about that shit, but little do yo ass know, that the dude in this poem..... that dude is Me

-Hope u enjoyed the poem

rm_HotnWet043 31F
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5/28/2006 10:22 am

Damn Boy!!! That poem was the shit!!! That's what I'm talking about, I need something like you in my life (Not talking relationship)be glad you don't live here in Baton Rouge boy, I'd have at my house every chance I get.

rm_biucharm 53F
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6/1/2006 7:55 am

Left me speechless again........ cuz the girl in that poem is almost me and what we had a few nights ago. There are a few variances but you got it close... actually you got it better in person. Looking forward to our next rendezvous!

Until then......... Lustfully yours

~Angelle~ {=}

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