My vanilla night went like this...  

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9/9/2006 8:16 pm
My vanilla night went like this...

First of all, I kicked his ass in 500 rummy...I love it when I win. Later, we were up in my room, playing around, talking and listening to music. I was so tired and cold, I climbed under the covers and fell asleep. I just remember him talking on the phone and I was out. Can you believe that? He waited until the kids were sleeping and climbed under the blanket with me. So much for sleeping. It was on.

I felt my whole body come alive at his touch. He wasted no time helping me take my clothes off. I have no idea how long we were kissing, it seemed like half the night. God I miss that. Then he moved to my breasts. He back and forth from my lips, to my neck to my breasts for a long time. His hands roaming over the rest of my body. My head was spinning. I tried to touch him several times, but he'd grab my hands and told me no. He pushed my legs apart, I thought I was finally going to have him inside me, but nope. He kissed my on the lips and disappeared slowly towards my pussy.

Oh my god was I wet, he lifted his head up, our eyes met and smiled saying "Somebody's horny as hell" I put my head back down saying, "you have no idea" and my hips began to dance as he licked my pussy. From the front to the back, in and out, torturing my clit. When he put his fingers inside my pussy, I let out a loud moan. I asked him to fuck me, he said no. He continued on fucking my pussy with his fingers, deeper and deeper. I pushed away from him. I couldn't breathe. I got up off the bed and pushed him down, his cock was rock hard.

I wasted no time taking control, going down on him and grabs my hair, but gently. He tried to guide me in motion, but I slapped his hands away. I licked and sucked the tip of his cock, moving down his shaft only a little bit. Removing my lips to lick his shaft. Back to the tip, around with my tongue, pressing my lips hard against him. Finally he begged me to take all of him. I couldn't disappoint him, I did just that. I thought my moan was loud!! A couple of times I could tell he was ready to cum, but I'd stop and moved onto another part of his hard cock. I moved slowly and lightly up and down his dick, sucking gently. His body was shaking and he couldn't keep his hands away from my head. Petting my hair, he lifted head with his hand under my chin. "Stand up" he said.

I hopped off the bed, anxiously waiting for him to move behind me. I could feel his hard cock pressing into my ass. He pushed me over and pushed himself inside my pussy. Then he stopped. Are you kidding me? Hell no. I started fucking him and he gladly joined in. Nice and slow. I could feel orgasm rising up deep inside. With all the teasing we did, it was just a short time of fucking before we were both cumming. My inner thighs were soaked and shaking. My pussy was dripping wet. I could barely stand. I watched him remove the condom and he reached over to grab another. He turned me around, pushed me down on the bed, put his condom on and spread my legs. I remember thinking he's going to fuck me hard, he's gonna fuck me hard. He didn't disappoint me. My hands bracing us against the wall, our heads banging it hard. His hips pushing hard into me, my pelvis dancing with him. He fucked me only a short while and we were both ready to cum again. I exploded around his cock, with him following my lead by pulling out, ripping off the condom, stroking his cock and spraying his load all over my tits. He fell on top of me, literally. He grabbed my head and started kissing me all over my lips, face and neck. And I was suppose to take his energy, yeah, that didn't work out as planned.

He rolled over and I cuddled up next to him. He put my hand on his heart and it was beating so hard and fast. He grabbed the blanket and threw it over us. We both fell asleep and when my alarm went off this morning, it was round 3. Nice and slow, taking our time. When we were done, I got a nice smack on the ass, lots of kisses and hugs.

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