Solace, never take it for granted.  

coldonstage 45M
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5/2/2006 2:56 pm
Solace, never take it for granted.

I apologize I have not had a chance to write. It has been hotels and travel, travel, travel for the last few weeks.

WHat a beautiful place this is and so many beautiful people on here....sharing pieces of themselves.

What should I share today? a poem? Some art? A nasty story? Some philisophical and spiritual wisdom??

Chocies. Dont they know it is never wise to give a blonde choices?

I painted this girl a few weeks ago. I plan on finishing the painting next week. WOW!! She sure is beautiful.

Ya know...when you get that vibe from somone. You look at them and they at you and there is that energy that says....something is going to happen? I had that with her. She is ten years younger than me but by the way she looked you couldnt tell it.

Beautiful. Sensual. Tall. elegant in a very naive sort of way. I had to paint her...absolutely had too.

I will say I do think I love Cincinnati but I am already homesick for my Chicago. My beloved and lovely City of my wind. Subways....thats what I am goign to miss the most!! Ever have sex on a subway? OMG!!!!!

Well, Just wanted to say Hi. After this Sunday I am in Cincy for good, no more constant traveling and I plan on getting down to some real writing. If you have been waiting on me...I say you are precious and adorable and I thank you deeply.

Looking forward to some solace and some time to let my mind ramble and my fingers scramble.

Have you seen the new sharon stone flic? I was ready to somone when I came out of the theatre (not that that is a far stretch for me anyway!!! )

I think I am going to light some candles tonight, bust out some wine and do some writing on here. Real writing. My writing. Oh yes, I think so.

Stay Gold.



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