Setting The Record Straight  

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4/26/2006 3:06 pm

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Setting The Record Straight

It has recently come to our attention of several rumors regarding my S.O.’s habits. In the spirit of honesty and truth I have decided to provide the REAL facts

Rumor: My SO. Goes behind other women’s backs and steals their guys

Fact: My S.O.'s preferred method is to walk up directly to the woman, bitch slap her, slap the guy in a collar and cuffs, chain him in our basement and perform various psycho-sexual acts until he pleads to become her willing love slave in perpetuity

Rumor: My SO has taken various men for money

Fact: She is in fact the “unnamed co conspirator” in the Enron Bankruptcy scandal and is also the top line item in the national budget deficit (W thinks she’s grand)

Rumor: My SO has claimed to be in the process of training for various law enforcement occupations.

Fact: She has actually finalized the contractual papers to be signed by Pat Croce and Donald Trump to be the chief franchisee of the new branch of the Mustang Ranch that will adjoin the new casino in Limerick

Rumor: I am a fictional being created by her to make the women jealous

Fact: I am a REAL being hung like a horse, with the sex drive of a satyr that give her incredible multiple orgasms 7 nights a week.

We the Committee for Truth of AdultFriendFinder hope that in the future those moralists Swift Boat Veterans of AdultFriendFinder who seek to spread lies, will take the time to gather their facts before shooting off with the mouth. Such facts should be preferably notarized and registered in the 3rd circuit court of appeals in Washington DC available for public viewing 7AM-12midnight for a period no less than 10 years.

In other words

fogelfun39 51M  
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5/7/2006 2:50 pm

Nice one!

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