I Know Ladies  

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6/17/2006 10:10 pm

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I Know Ladies

Ok ladies (conspiratorial gaze), I know your secret. What secret you say? That secret you use that can annoy and frustrate a man, while at the same time fill him with as much anticipation as an avaricious child on Christmas morning. Surely we have noooo such secret you all say winking slyly. Ahhh, but you do and I, being the Demon I am, have known it long and well. What secret you say??

Taking A BATH ladies and you know what I mean. Now you may chuckle and figure I am referring to the avenues of toy play lying in a bathtub affords you but no I mean the real secret. That sweet time that the mind can drift and dance in the realms of fantasy. The warm embrace of the water like a lover caressing every inch of you. Penetrating all those spots needful of touch yet not overwhelmingly so. Your body feeling light yet totally solid and aware of any sensation visited upon it The real world light years away as you glide in that silent space within your thoughts a space where you can plan, digest, anticipate, or indulge in whatever whim intrudes that special universe.

Yes ladies, I too have danced in that realm, I will say that without shame. Then again sharing that realm can also bring with it sublime pleasures. The soft touch of bodies…fingers lightly caressing exploring…teasing. Shutting out the universe until it is just two embraced in womblike warmth. Each touch echoed by fluid warm hands that add an unseen third to your pleasures. A mixture of sensation delicious in its simplicity, yet complex in its effect.

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6/21/2006 6:44 pm


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