coffeencream422 58M/53F
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8/16/2006 5:13 am

Ok smoke nazis now things are going too damn far.I understood when you banned smoking where I work. I've grudgingly accepted the banning in my favorite places to drink( as annoying as it will soon become with the fall and football season approaching)..but now you want to ban smoking IN MY OWN CAR???????Please folks get some sense of reality. Now I know you say "it's for the kids" but since I don't have kids the only one at risk is ME I think all the "clean air" has frankly fried your brains cuz at least when smoking wasn't being legislated out of existance hell why not just put tobacco on schedule 1 right beside heroin, opium,oxycontin, meth ect...heck wawa can be fined like a smut shop for selling cigs, we can have "smoke houses" like crack houses. Didn't you folks learn ANYTHING from prohibition???? Ban a vice and you increase the profits of the criminal element. If I choose to put my life at risk at least allow me the freedom to exercise that choice...hmmmm anybody up for banning bottled water (its all just tapwater anyway *lol*)

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