Sitting in Cum.  

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3/15/2006 10:52 am

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3/15/2006 11:51 am

Sitting in Cum.

Good Morning.. Was jacking off in the shower again, and thought I would wear some of my skin tight panties today. They actually were the wrong order but i tried on a pair and after putting on a little lotion i could get them up.
They really are skin tight. Most of the time by lunch i have split one of the sides out, but they still feel GREAT, and hold the cum when i jack off in them.. I haven't cum yet but was jus talking to a girlfriend while she was rubbing her pussy (till her boss came in the office) and that always gets me rock hard and all pre cum wet.. So it wont be long till i'm sittin in cummm again. It does feel nice being all cum slippery around my shaved cock, balls and asshole. Mmmmmm

Update...she called back.. Ok. i'm in my office in dress slacks, nice short sleeved shirt and in tight plastic panties.. I was pretty wet when she called back, so i got hard as soon as i startd sliding my cock around. She started rubbing her pussy under her dress but outside of her panties while she described how she was going to suck my wet cock. I askek her to stick her fingers inside of her pussy and put the phone on it so i could hear her sticking her fingers in her pussy....Ohhhh that took about one minute.. She was wetttt and slapping her pussy. I LOVE THAT. I could hear her fingers inside in between slaps and she started to cum. I came as soon as i heard her start to moan... so by the time she came for me i was covered in hot cummm. Man, i came a huge couple of squirts... Going to have to go to the bathroom and have a little taste. WOW I feel better.......

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