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11/26/2005 1:35 am

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scenario for 2 n

(read n° 1 First)

So where was I ? Oh yes ! As Shakespeare so elegantly put it “with my tongue in your tail”

So there you are with the pillow under your hips and your ass in the air. My tongue goes deeper in, you arch your back to give me even better access. You sigh, thinking of the moment when it will be replaced by something bigger and harder. I lick and push and lick and push. Each time a little deeper.

From my bag I pull out a dildo, one of those double dildos. I lick your pussy and your ass. You suck the dildo to make it wet and I place it against your pussy. You push back on it and oh so slowly it starts to enter. You wiggle your hips and push back harder and I push too. The larger one goes in and the smaller one touches your ass. You wriggle some more. Oh you want it. But I tease you and don’t let you have it. You arch your back more and more “give it to me” And suddenly I push hard and in it goes. You gasp. I pull it almost out and push it in again. Faster and faster. You put your hands between you legs and take your clitoris as the dildo goes in and out faster and faster. I sense your orgasm is near and I stop. I take you by the shoulders and roll you over on your back. I put the dido in your mouth and fuck your mouth with it. I sit astride your chest and replace the dildo with my cock. Then moving up, my balls on your lips. You take them in your hands and squeeze them till I gasp. You suck them hard and deep. First one then the other, then both. I can’t move. And then you bite. Gently, but enough to show me you mean business. You let me go. But I want your teeth, on my cock. I put my cock in your mouth and you start to close your teeth on it. I move in and out, feeling your teeth raking up and down on my cock. You sink your nails in my balls and close your teeth even tighter. Although I am on top, I am completely trapped between your teeth and your nails. And then you stop. You release me.

Now I want vengeance. Your nipples are hard and I take one in my mouth. First I suck it like a little cock to make it harder. Then I take it between my teeth. I hold you by the wrists and push them onto the bed. Now you are trapped and I have your nipple between my teeth. And you’re not going anywhere. I pass from one to the other, biting a little bit harder each time. And then I stop. I blow on them to make them cold and they are tingling.

I plunge between your legs. You are so wet that I can drink you. Grabbing your ass, I roll over so you are on top of me, and I move your ass backwards and forwards on my face. You follow my movements and start to fuck my face. All that matters now is your orgasm. That’s all you want and you know how to achieve it. I hold your ass as your movements become more and more frenetic. Your juices flow behind my ears and I can taste your orgasm. I put out my tongue and you rub yourself on it, clitoris, lips, ass, lips, clitoris, lips, ass ‒ backwards and forwards ‒ for ever.

Finally, you have finished. You roll off me and I hold you in my arms as we lie there. You are covered in sweat and I rub your skin, feeling my hands slide in the wetness. We kiss, lightly, tenderly. You need a little rest. I have a bottle of wine in my bag. I open it and pour two glasses. I put a little in your navel and drink it. I caress your breasts, gently and softly. I stroke your hair. We relax. There is no time, only this moment of togetherness.

And the rest is for another day

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