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11/26/2005 1:34 am

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scenario for 2 n

Scenario for two n° 1

We meet in the hotel car park. You have reserved the room and are waiting for me in your car. I arrive, park my car and come to the door of yours. I get in and we start to kiss. As I run my hands over your chest I realise that you have nothing under your blouse and I can feel your nipples start to harden under my palms. My hands descend to your thighs and you open your legs slightly. On the inside of your thigh I run my hands under your skirt and again … nothing impedes my contact with your pussy, already so wet. I insert one finger then two and feel the warmth on my hand. I take my fingers out and together we lick them dry. I am very hard and you run your hands over my trousers, squeezing the bulge that you feel.

We get out of the car. You can feel your juices running down the inside of your legs. We check in to the hotel and take the lift to our room. There is a man in the lift but you stand in front of me and press your ass into my bulge. I run a hand up the insides of your thighs, feeling your wetness which has now descended almost to your knees. The man in the lift looks at us and is not sure … Our floor. We get out of the lift and you drop something. As the doors are closing you bend over to pick it up and he can see … but it’s too late the doors have closed. We find our room, go in and close the door. I instantly drop to my knees in front of you and run my tongue up your thighs to your pussy, and bury it deep in the warmth. My hands on your ass, I pull you towards my face and bite and chew on your clitoris. You have no choice, trapped between my hands and my mouth. Your knees bend and your back slides down the door, opening to me I can penetrate deep into your pussy. My nose pressed against your clitoris, you can feel my breath, my tongue deep inside you, my hands still clamped on your ass. I stand up and force my dripping tongue into your mouth. I pick you up and carry you to the bed, where I throw you face down. I sit astride your ass and run my hands under your body to feel your breasts. I take one nipple in each hand and squeeze until you can’t stand it. I bury my head in your hair and bite the back of your neck. You can feel my cock with your ass and push back against it. But I’m not letting you go, again you are trapped, under me.

After an eternity, I set you free. I lie on the bed and you look at me. Slowly you start to remove your T shirt. You take your left breast and put it in front of my mouth, I rise to take it but you move away. Not yet. You run your hands over my chest and down to the belt of my trousers. You undo the belt. You sit astride my chest, with your ass to my face. I try to reach it with my mouth but you push my head back. Not yet. You undo the zipper and pull the trousers down. You put your hand inside my underwear and liberate my cock. You sit on my chest so that I cannot move. Your tongue licks the head of my cock so lightly and delicately. Little licks with an eternity between each one. Suddenly you take the whole of my cock deep into your mouth and with your right hand start to masturbate it. I cannot move and you are determined to make me cum right now. Faster and faster with your hand, I cannot resist and soon I explode into your mouth. Keeping my cum in your mouth you turn round and kiss me sharing my cum which is dripping from you over my face. You lick it off and we share it again. You are so excited and you sit on my face, with my nose in your ass, and masturbate yourself to orgasm.

We are still dressed. You lie beside me on the bed and we look at each other. We kiss, lightly, tenderly. A pause. There is a coffee machine in the room and we make a coffee. After a time I suggest we take a shower. We undress, discovering each other’s body for the first time. I go to the bathroom and prepare the shower, so that it is the right temperature. It’s ready. I take your hand and we step into the water. I start to soap your body, paying particular attention to your breasts and your back. I run my hands down your back to your ass and between your thighs. Under the running water I lick your back and going lower and lower I finish between your thighs and my tongue enters you from behind. You take your ass in your hands and open it to me as my tongue goes deeper and deeper into you. You want it more and more. We stop the water, quickly drying ourselves we go to the bed. You lie on your front on the bed and, put a pillow under your hips. Your ass is there ready for me. I lick all round slowly getting closer each time to the rose circle waiting for me. Each time a little closer and then suddenly I am there. I lick the circle, and then my tongue goes in….

And for the rest you’ll have to wait for another day …

Hope you enjoyed it….

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