The Perfect Woman - almost  

cochise226922 47M
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4/28/2005 5:11 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

The Perfect Woman - almost

As she sits there gazing at me with love in her heart and ball in her mouth, I am struck by the beauty of our relationship and how in most ways ways my dog is the Perfect Woman. Of course there are some technical drawbacks here, but for the most part its a beautiful relationship.

First of all, it is my duty to provide and care for her. I give her a safe place to live, provide for all her needs such as food, water, clothing (er bandanas anyway), and all the attention she wants; A scratch behind the ear, a rub of the tummy... I buy her presents all the time (man those tennis balls are getting expensive) and just love to see her happy.

In return my dog gives me unconditional love always and forever. It's a lifetime commitment, one she doesn't seem to be afraid of I might add.
She is always happy to see me when I come home, whether I'm grumpy or not. She always gives me kisses and never cops an attitude. She doesn't get mad if I'm distracted while watching a game, just waits patiently at my feet until it's time to 'play'.

She doesn't get angry if I come home smelling like perfume, or even if I bring another woman home. In fact she's usually very eager to welcome her in as well as she is with me. Sometimes she tries to join in the 'fun' but I'm not sure we're ready for that she just watches - smiling and waiting. It's the simple things in life that please her, and I like that. Now if only she were 5'8" and blonde I'd have found the perfect woman.

PailsDiverHonks 57F

4/28/2005 8:52 am

Awwww, I like a man who has a soft heart for animals.

When my 96 pound German Shepherd stands on her hind legs she comes close to 5’ 7 would she work? She’s brunette with a touch of blonde.

I’m a big time animal lover...had three dogs, my Lab died a few weeks ago

mi_mwpm 52M

4/28/2005 7:10 pm

Do you really want a woman that can lick her.... er, nevermind.

cochise226922 47M

4/28/2005 8:12 pm

People people! You are missing the point it seems. I don't wish to spend my life with a dog in perfect harmony forever. Try to gather some of the key phrases and ideas and apply them to a human boy/girl relationship. Honestly. (smacks self in forehead)

I provide and care for her, give her attention and my unwavering love (and some occasional gifts to satisfy those materialistic needs) - her happiness is my bliss.
In return she offers unconditional love and companionship and allows me to be me.

Thought I would get a better reaction to this, nevermind.

need2men2fuckme 49F

5/4/2005 12:17 am

cochise. i gotcha. but the perfect man is a dog. he has endless patience and undying loyalty. he's never too tired and loves to look deeply into my eyes with his sweet face. when i feel like crying, if i did, he always provides a shoulder and wipes up my tears. if he wants to play and i say, "not tonight" he still loves me and is happy to see me anyway and wants to curl up next to me sweetly. every time i leave the room and return, his eyes and face light up and he hangs on my every word listening attentively. he doesn't tell me what to do, respects me and gives me my space too. ata boy!

be nice if he crapped in the toilet or at least learned to pick up after himself, but its a small price to pay.

sandhazard 55M
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5/4/2005 5:17 pm

I see a very one sided relationship and it's kind of disturbing that you want your life partner to be a submissive little dog that gives you unconditional love. Sorry but I call it like I see it.

From what you write it would seem that you want a woman who will not challenge you. What if all the sudden your little dog wants to run out of the house? Is that when you roll up the newspaper and try to train her differently? (typing metaphorically).

I truely can't imagine an adult, intelligent, independant, creative woman wanting to be treated like a house pet. In many ways your pet is the perfect woman for you because you don't have to work at pleasing the dog.

If you want any kind of normal relationship with a woman it's going to take more then some food, water, a place to sleep, a pat on the head, a scratch on the tummy to keep her interested in being with you.

"She doesn't get mad if I'm distracted while watching a game, just waits patiently at my feet until it's time to 'play'.

This one sentence in your metaphoric story speaks volumes of how you would like a woman to be in a relationship with you. I am over simplifing but I think your story may be oversimplifing your needs in a relationship.

Human relations are complex, no matter how much you want to simplify them. Trying to express your needs in a relationship is almost impossible to do metaphorically. Your story seems more of a self serving fantasy and that is not a bad thing as long as you don't blur the line between fantasy and reality with such an important factor in your life.

I think the majority of women reading your story will respond in the way you see here and not in the way you were expecting them to respond. It's evident with the entry you made "People people! You are missing the point it seems." Unfortunately your story makes it appear that your attitude towards women is they are subserviant little pets.

Well, I gave you my honest opinion. It was not meant to offend, just to be an objective view from outside your preception. As we all know our preception is our reality.

cochise226922 47M

5/4/2005 7:50 pm

Good lord its supposed to be a humorous little story - I wrote something like this in high school once and got laughs and giggles from all.

I cant even begin to address the absurdity of your assertions sir. I respect your opinions and value your input - but feel you are offbase and way overanalyzing this. Have you read my profile? Have you read the entirety of my blog? Please do so sir. You will see I do not wish to control a subservient little pet - but rather walk alongside a proud and intelligent sensient being.

Since we are quoting me - allow me
"it is my duty to provide and care for her"
"all the attention she wants"
"just love to see her happy-her happiness is my bliss."

It is a humorous fantasy (poorly written it seems)- nothing more please see it for that.

Public announcement to any woman who reads this - I want to be challenged. I want to earn your respect and your admiration. Please see the story for the humor it was meant to convey, albeit not too well it would seem, not the strict literal interpretation shown here.

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